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Major Players of The Great Game

Gerry GeronimoJan 2, 2019, 12:49:30 PM

The major players in The Great Game are President Donald Trump, President Vladimir Putin, and President Xi Jinping.

Presidents Putin and Xi are firmly in control of Russia and China, respectively. President Trump is in control of the "western" world. For now.

President Trump with his "America First" initiative has strongly stated that he and the United States of America are not interested in ruling the world. For now.

President Trump's many opponents in the western world don't agree. They want to rule the world under the guise of "globalism".

This is where the major action is: control of the western world. The United States of America is still the leader of the western world, so it boils down to control of the USA. This is why The Great Game is very important for US.

Fortunately for us common folks, whoever gains control of the western world still has to contend with Presidents Putin and Xi. They will not sit idly by while the leader(s) of the western world attempt to rule the world. After all, that is what they want for themselves.

The Great Game is still afoot.