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Life After Google (Part 3)

Gerry GeronimoSep 10, 2018, 6:44:35 PM

This is Part 3 of a book review of "Life After Google" by George Gilder.

So what does the author believe is going to be Google's undoing?

Google's security foibles, its "aggregate and advertise" model, its avoidance of price signals, its vertical silos of customer data, and its visions of machine mind are unlikely to survive the root-and-branch revolution of the distributed peer-to-peer technology, which I call the "cryptocosm."
The ground state is you.

What are the laws of cryptocosm?

1. Security first.

2. Centralization is not safe.

3. Safety last.

4. Nothing is free.

5. Time is the final measure of cost.

6. Stable money endows humans with dignity and control.

7. Asymmetry law reproducing biological asymmetry.

8. Private keys rule.

9. Private keys are held by individual human beings, not by governments or Google.

10. Behind every private key and its public key is the human interpreter.

Get and read the book to learn more.

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