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Grateful American

Gerry GeronimoMay 26, 2019, 5:17:32 PM

This is a book review of "Grateful American" (A Journey From Self To Service) by Gary Sinise.

I had not intended to read and complete this book during the Memorial Day weekend. But I'm very glad that I did. It is the perfect book to read during the Memorial Day weekend.

I didn't really know Gary Sinise prior to reading this book. I bet you also don't. You probably have not heard of him.

I recently started hearing about all the good things he has been doing for our veterans. And I wanted to learn more about him. I bought this book as soon as I learned about it, and the book has been in my reading list since then.

I knew he played Lieutenant Dan in Forest Gump. Other than the Gary Sinise Foundation and its great work for veterans. I didn't really know anything about Gary.

I didn't know he is a very accomplished actor, of many plays, many TV shows, and many movies. Did you know he was in Apollo 13 and played the leading role in George Wallace? Did you know that he is the star of CSI: NY? Did you know that he is instrumental in starting the famous Steppenwolf Theatre Company which has put on plays in Chicago (where it originated), New York City, London, and other places? Another famous graduate of this company is John Malkovich. And there are more famous graduates.

Did you know about his cover band, the Lieutenant Dan Band which has performed all over the USA and the world for the USO? Gary has been very active with the USO in other capacities. For a long time.

Read this book if you're interested in learning more about Gary Sinise and the great work he is doing for our soldiers and veterans. I have learned a lot about him.

Gary is truly a grateful American. A real American!