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Of Parasites and Men

Mein Blut ist Meine KraftSep 11, 2018, 4:40:29 AM

For centuries it has been Europeans and our Civilizations that have pushed the world forward. In all aspects.Through us, others have prospered. Africa, Asia, India, etc. Living longer lives, and living in general due to Europeans.

You can claim the evils of colonialism, but the results are in favor for those colonized by us and against us, the colonizers. Not only were these colonies given civilization, where there was none, they benefited from the foolish that race mixed with them. Technology and genes they would never have had otherwise.

Now we are at the present, an invasion of Europe and European Colony Nations has once again happened. Europe has been invaded many times by non-whites but this time, this time suicidal ideas have been allowed to infiltrate our peoples minds. 

"Diversity" the main poison. By infiltrate, I mean propaganda has deliberately been pushed upon our people, using guilt, kindness and the gullibility of the masses. Parasites, Jews, have taken root once again in our Nations. Subverting, and destroying from within. Aided by traitors. Non-White hordes have breached our gates and have been allowed to run amok.

For the first time in the History of Europe, no organized army has been allowed or gathered to meet the invasion force. Instead "our" governments have tied the hands of our people, and have become traitors to us. All of us.

We are the men. We whose blood has been the catalyst of change on this planet for centuries. Whose accomplishments are found across the globe. 

These parasites that feed upon us. They must be shed once again. We did not face the Huns, Khans, Khazars, Ottomans, and the various other invaders only to fall without a fight.

When your government fails you, then it is your duty by blood to take up sword and shield. Do not falter. Nor capitulate. The cries of Nazi, racist, bigot, are droplets of rain. They are nothing. Our task is above the pitiful meanderings of weak lemmings.

Stand your ground. Men above the Parasites.