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I AM SICK OF THE MUSHROOM FERTILISER - or Why people in Mushroom houses should not throw bullshit. Part 2 Thunder and Lightning, very, very frightening...

FishmanOct 10, 2018, 6:35:29 PM

This is the continuation of the saga of @ChrisandAmber, infamous for their plan to build a Reputation Keeper and their ire at being denied.

If you have not read part One: The Storm Breaks, it can be found here -


So, when I left you, Chris was celebrating his success in creating a complete shit show and confusing infamy for fame.

infamy - noun: infamy; plural noun: infamies

the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.

an evil or wicked act.

 synonyms: notoriety, disrepute, disreputableness, ill repute, ill fame, loss of reputation, disgrace, discredit, shame, dishonour, ignominy, scandal, censure, blame, disapprobation, condemnation, contempt; loss of face; raredisesteem wickedness, evil, baseness, sordidness, vileness, iniquity, iniquitousness, depravity, degeneracy, turpitude, immorality, unscrupulousness, corruption, dissolution; sin, wrong, offence, violation, abuse, indignity

antonyms: honour, anonymity, virtue

He was however, at the same time claiming he was being harassed and bullied, and censored by the admins.

Which brings us to where we left off.

Following a great deal of bluster, abuse, block downvoting and blocking, and adding people to this list with gay abandon, most simply accused of being a Nazi, Chris hit on a new plan, he would visit the pages of people who had interacted with those on his list and threaten and bully them.

It was also around this time he revealed just how insane and paranoid he was when he began accusing anyone and everyone who regularly spoke against his plan of being in league with, or sock puppet accounts of the management.

Note that Willie was not the one who approached @ChrisandAmber. They went to one of his posts and attacked him for reporting their Shit List. @Chris failed to realise then, and continues to fail to do so, that his list crosses the line between saying AVOID THESE USERS, I PERSONALLY DO NOT LIKE THEM, and listing our names; it calls us Scummy, shitty people and then goes on to list defamatory comments about each of the people on it. This crossing of the line puts him in breach of the Terms of Service, which is why his original list was removed. So, the Admin team set him up so wonderfully that a long term account was established just to entrap and troll @ChrisandAmber, an account that has trended in the top 5 since before they even knew Minds existed and were still playing on Farce Book, and who is friends with many users on the site, and they then manipulated him into making a list that they could censor to how him who was boss, then bait him into his telling Willie who he can and can't interact with so that Willie could call him out and make a response. Yep, that @BillOttman is a 4D chess player of the highest calibre. I am pleased he is in control of the helm if this is the foresight he shows.

Others in the community rallied behind Willie and the reasonable question was asked, why single out Willies channel for blocking because he supported a certain user who was on the list, but no one else who was subbed to that user, or other users on the list?

The answer is really quite simple. The other users are not as high in the trending categories so by attacking Willie and putting him on the list he achieved, to his way of thought, 2 things. He would limit Willie's reach by telling people how evil Willie was and thus he would also limit the influence that Willie, who was against the proposal but had not been vocal in is opposition to this point, had to speak out against the List.

Back to reality, sort of...

ChrisandAmber had also accused @Luculent of being a puppet of the management.

And @SeMaGoD and others of either being puppets or in league with the admin. What was his evidence of this? @Jack shared one of @Semagod's posts! Because, you know, there isn't any special, easy way of doing that, because the site is not designed to share. Oh, that REMINDS me of something. Yes, yes it is designed that way! So, I cannot wait to see the evidence of Bill working with everyone to bring Chris down, it ought to be watertight and accurate, I am sure.

[In full disclosure, Sem and I are close, and if his account is one of the Admins, I am pleased that they think so highly of me. HAHAHAHA! Or, and this is the kicker, is the Australian, Fishman, really just another sock puppet? A clever ruse of theirs to set up all those Canberra photos over the last year or so...Or am I merely in league with them, without even knowing it? In fact, without ever speaking to them about the situation... I did put a message up in Help and Support, which was denied on moderation and never posted. I do have a copy of it saved, but will decline to put it up at this stage to avoid any accusations of impropriety. Just know that, if required, I have it.  Those members who are claimed to be part of his family might want to see about getting an assessment done on his mental state. Paranoia, lies, hypocrisy. Not a good outlook for the poor bugger.]

He also made accusations of Bill and Jack creating Bot accounts to game the token system.

In addition to this Bot manipulation, they were working through people like Luculent, Willie and Semagod to orchestrate a campaign of harassment against Chris, to prevent him revealing what scum the users were and what crooks the admin team were. For all his talk of proof of all this, all he has presented so far is the unsupported claim that Jack shared a post of Semagod's. I guess there are only really a dozen users and one and a half million sock accounts.

As for the hand Delivered proposal, Chris came with a concept that Minds required a reputation keeper. Bill asked for details of said proposal, to which Chris replied he could put Bill in touch with people who knew something about the proposal, but it was not him as he did not know how the system would work, something he had already admitted in previous conversations, so we were aware this was case.

Not only were those of us who were opposing the plan for a reputation system that would shadow ban anyone the powerplayers (which Chris was setting up to be at the head of) decided they disliked on a given day and manipulated to censor them into the shadow as demonstrated in part 1 doing so because we were scammers and trolls, he forgot bullies this go around, but his almighty proposal had a major flaw, he had no idea how to bring it to fruition. Needless to say, Bill heard him out, and asked for details, only to be told that Chris had none. So when Bil put up a post about Muse's long standing proposal for a different system, which Chris had caught wind of and told Muse he would be controlling the future direction of development, Chris jumped in an claimed he was working with Muse on the system much to the shared amusement of all who knew the truth of the situation.

To his credit, Muse@RaymondSmith, has been valiant, if misguided, in his defence of Chris. What he fails to recognise is that We are not dogpiling on Chris, although that might be the appearance. The simple truth of the matter is that @Luculent went after Chris independently, Roxie likewise. A bad plan cannot stand on its own. I went after Chris because I did not like how he was abusing the token system and see dire things for the good of the site and the community if his practices become common and widespread. None of us rounded up supporters, none of us recruited. We merely made puclic what was known and allowed people to make up their own minds, when there were discussion or misunderstandings we would try to clarify through screenshots and discussion, while Chris was just getting more abusive as the days ticked by.

I will now take a short while to go off on a tangent and back up again a little.


As part of this campaign of harassment JackSeMaGoD organised to get the shit lords to target Chris, it was all his doing and not one of them leaked that news to the site. You know, being the Shitlords, they like to keep to themselves and not create and trouble.

WELL, actually...

Following the podcast of @Castiel1123's show, again, regular and existing before Chris came to Minds, the Shitlords rallied to the cause. It was not co-ordinated, nor did it have to be. They are a motivated and intelligent bunch of people, who on the whole are fantastic characters. Piss them off, raise their ire and they are going to be merciless. It takes a special kind of smart to create the statement memes they do, and then there is just the pornographic memeing intended to annoy. Unfortunately for Chris, he was not of a high enough calibre to take on any one of these people individually, however, he overestimated his abilities and threw open the castle gates and issued an invitation to all the people who cared to respond. Far from us organising a concerted campaign against him, Chris organised it himself, and then got upset about the response he recieved. Many of us did not know each other, or had little interaction, until, independently, we started to gather and rally to the cause. So for Chris to claim this is a targeted harassment campaign is totally ludicrous, more on that later.

So, the shit lords gathered in their lair and started to do what they do best, they shitposted. Memes were coming out at an astounding rate and Chris's posts and comments were regularly downvoted on the grounds of their attacks on the community. For someone that came to a site hoping to set up a trading platform and establish a reputation keeper, he sure was going about things the wrong way. Instead of backing up and trying a new approach, he doubled down and the accusations started to fly that he was an innocent victim getting bullied for calling out the vile nature of the platform that had existed until he arrived to save us all. His pleas fell largely on deaf ears, although he did manage to have a few people pick up his claim of bullying. They are mistaken. Each of us is fighting back in our own way.

He is also constantly claiming that the attacks are against his family as well as him. This is totally unfounded in fact and his family has been left out of it, except when he brings them up. Amber is another mater. She invited attention onto herself early in the piece by using the joint account to send comments that were excusing and attempting to justify Chris and attacking his critics for being bullies and trolls. We did not trail him around the site, targeting him like he was us, and when we got attacked by Amber in Chris' defence, she simply painted a target on her own back. So a number of non-complimentary, and definitely NSFW, memes were posted depicting Amber. Chris' ire at this was amusing and hypocritical given the amount of shitposting he had done about the Shit List Members and the defamation that stoop on his channel for all to see. He started to carry on about Bill paying the Lords to post pornographic material, more of his unhinged ranting.

What he means of course is that tokens are earned through interaction, so the upvotes and comments and reminds these posts were receiving were being construed as Bill paying them. Sure, they put in all that work for 7 cents. Nope, they did it because they cannot stand stupid. Add cowardice, lack of integrity, hypocrisy and lies from a person who invited them to play and you have got yourself the perfect set up. His cries of victimhood have merely seen the efforts of the Champions of the Sewers to redouble their effort and now they are making memes from those claims. Chris - the GIF that just keeps on GIFing.

Again his hypocrisy is revealed. he openly posted a number of attacks on the Ottmans and his perception of their corruption, but now, once again, they had apparently attacked him. Bill is not physically paying anyone to do anything so if he means that Bill is paying us through token rewards, Bill is also paying him through the same method for having his list up and a number of defamatory posts. You bastard Bill!!!

Those of us paying attention knew the real situation and refused to be swayed from our course. , as long as the Shit List of Honour remained, the Shitlords and others were going to keep trolling Chris in their attempts to join the list of reputable users that was being crated by Chris. Not the "Good" list that he was creating, the Shit List. So badly did his plan backfire, that people were not taking his threats of being added to the list as a warning to be silent, they took it as a challenge to piss him off more to be added! Far from being the stick he had hoped it would be, he created a carrot for people to rally behind us and told everyone exactly who was fighting hardest against him. So people were also going to the list for people to check out, and subbing to us.

Chris in the meantime was still buying whatever dregs he could get interest from as subs, but even they will be drying up in the not too distant future. Many were from the developing Asian Minds community, but events have unfolded which will see that dwindle. The wonderful people of Vietnam Group have seen fit to rally their people and come to the party, supporting Minds and the Ottmans over this divisive person. Go them! I knew there was a reason I liked these people! Not only do they appreciate a nice flower photo, they are loyal to their friends and recognise and can be grateful for someone's work. This is something we often miss in the entitled west.

Chris, needless to say, was unhappy at being held to account and had a cry over the Vietnamese response to his plan, although it is exactly what he was telling everyone to do, make a list. His problem is that he is not smart enough to figure out that even if he is the only person on the list, it is the same thing. And just because this fabulous user @BestLife'sChannel used a full post to explain why the group should think twice before interacting with Chris, it is exactly the same thing as the simple "He's a Nazi", except actually eloquently expresses the reasons why they should avoid him.

One of the top channels for a long time, @Tstjohn had watched what was going on and was sick of seeing attacks on the members he knew. He might not have gotten along with everyone now being added to the list, but he put that aside and created the UnsubChris group for us to post memes and messages and in general to collate our stuff. It may not have been the most subtle way to no name the group, but it was, in fact, a subtle headnod to the thing that had really kicked off the response and that was Chris' attempts to get people to unsub from and not sub to the people on his list. As I opened with, he was actively going to posts and telling people off for supporting people on the list.  The group rapidly filled with people, some of there to merely keep a finger on the pulse, others more actively posting memes and stuff. The group rapidly populated the posts and the Great Meme War was in full swing. Chris took great offence at this and appealed to Jack, apparently, only to be told that as long as his list was up, out group could remain. It is still there, although being moderated now to limit the most offensive of the memes, as Cris is now so upset by his treatment he is going to sue Minds, and that is where we leave this little part for now as the Grand Threat is playing out as we speak, and I am getting swamped with material, so another blog it will be. 

Meanwhile, the list is still in play and is now copy pasted onto his "Brother" and "Sister"s channels. This escalation follows his claims of being censored and having his message suppressed because he could not boost his Shit List and a variety of posts which are completely defamatory of Bill, more on that in the next part of the serial saga. Here is a copy of the list as it stands 11 October 2018 A special mention goes out to @ChrisDoogood who indeed done good. he managed, after initially having been denied exit from the good list upon his own request to not be associated with Chris's channel much less his lists (NO KIDDING, Chris refused to take him off the GOOD list!)

However, following an unfounded and unsubstantiated claim from a stranger who had been around the place for 2 minutes, @ChrisDoogood, a great person who has been a mutual subscription for about a year now, gets accused of bullying and make the jump  straight from the Nice List of Shame to the Shit list of Honour.

I guess Chris was not kidding when he told me

The Shit List of Honour 11 October 2018

The "Good" People of the site. no wonder we need a Reputation keeper, the bad list is double the length, including the founders. Not to worry, Chris has told us he will take the site over with his $5000 worth of tokens and a law suit, but that is for the next blogs... just a teaser

Anyhow, for those who have not read part 1, Th Storm Cbreaks, it is found here:


Further blogs to look at, and particularly some of the comments are Luculent's excellent round up of why Minds will not accept a Punitive/reward based reputation keeper:

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If you are a bit pressed for time, there are a few excellent podcasts done by @Castiel1123, the link to those is here>

Until next time, have a lovely time, and don't let the fungus grow on you.

And just remember, if you are being bullied and hit back, they are not the victim even if you knock them on their arse. And if a person picks a fight with a million people at once, it is not a campaign when the all respond.