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American Independence Day

ExcessHeadspaceJul 3, 2018, 8:24:04 PM

Thirty-five years ago tomorrow, my ship stood to, astern the USS New Jersey off the coast of Southern California as she fired salvo after salvo into the afternoon sun. I was young and yet I understood the meaning and gravity of the occasion. I had seen the costs paid by people and families and knew well the history of those who had gained and then the many who had maintained our freedoms through sacrifices both lonely and shared.
The intervening years have not dulled that understanding or sense of appreciation. If anything, they have sharpened them. I'm not prone to attending public events or even big BBQs and such. However, I always take the time to look at a pocket copy of our Constitution and to think of what transpired between the Declaration of Independence and the adoption of the Constitution.

I also think of all the good people who cling to their faith and understanding of the founding principles of this country and who defend them against the current clamor for socialistic claptrap. The NatSocs and DemSocs and all of the others who want their brand of tyranny installed best understand that we want our freedom more and we will fight you, tooth and claw, to retain our inherent rights. You will not prevail with your divisive tactics and syrupy promises.
The only promise we freedom lovers will give you is that we will do what is necessary to remain free. Do with that promise what you may.

#IndependenceDay #4thofJuly #SocialistsSuck