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The Math in the Sky 🌌

EmeraldArchivesSep 4, 2018, 1:16:07 PM

   When you look from a center point of perspective, everything gravitates from there outward.

   This is easy to see when looking at anything symmetrical in shape. However, when faced with the multifaceted implicit Nature of Reality, this is not always easy. Visible reality has too many aspects that take our focus away and space it far out beyond any lens can capture. That is of course, until we are given the keys to see through the lens of Nature: Awareness

‘Multi-layered’ Fruit of Life

   The Math in the Sky 🌌 The Nature of Reality. It is within us we all have the potential to awaken the eye that can see the perspective of every point of singularity that the multiverse can create.

   The universe is not on one plane of existence, it is on a plane of ‘multi-layeredparallel universes that cross through each other on the micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic levels, called the multiverse.

   Once you have access to one layer of vision you have access to all layers of vision through any point of singularity in the pattern. This is where any point can create a radius of vision to explore all the other points of existence. Where it in turn will continue to create points and form patterns.

  To switch between ‘layers’ one can simply alter their radius of vision at any level, and the parameters can be increased or decreased. It only depends on what layer you *focus upon.

Icosahedron of Light

   The Icosahedron pictured above is considered perfect or in ‘Divine’ proportion by fitting the definition of a Platonic Solid

   A Platonic Solid is an object pertaining every face is of the same shape and size; Which entails every angle of the object to be relatively equal to one another, hence the ‘Divine’ proportion. There are 5 known to exist.

Icosahedron/Octahedron ~ Rafael Araujo Here is an Icosahedron enframed within another Platonic Solid, both proportionate to ~ The Golden Mean Spiral 

   All 5 of these ‘solids’ are contrived from The Fruit of Life. A conceptual pattern of 13 circles derived from the accredited Sacred Geometry known as The Flower of Life. These 13 circles are known to give rise to depth perception from a 2D graphic into 3D graphics by way of connecting the *focuses of each circle with one another. The most notable of these graphics is the Metatron’s Cube, which has been considered to be ‘the blueprint’ of the third dimension. It’s proportionate nature is relative to environing the Platonic Solids.

3/5 of the Platonic Solids can be directly taken from this pattern.

   Still, to achieve the dimensions of an Icosahedron, it is not just created from The Fruit Of Life (unlike most Platonic Solids taken directly from Metatron’s Cube), but delivered from ‘multi-layered’ Fruits of Life with different measurements of radii all working idiosyncratically with their own **melody and together with other radii in ***harmony synchronistically.

Icosahedron in Metatron’s Cube ~ Charles Gilchrist *focus = center of a circle **melody = single-layered pattern ***harmony = multi-layered pattern

   If the Icosahedron is an example of this ‘Divine’ proportion across different scales of measurement, then it is imperatively exemplified in all layers of creation.

   In other (words/worlds), the irregular positioning of everything, from atoms to the heavenly bodies of the cosmos, are all in ‘Divine’ proportion in relation to one another through infinite layers of Nature’s Pattern.

Icosahedron in the Multiverse 

   This is where all matter distribution is ‘under-layered’ at another level by the same circles of any common radii. Any point of singularity in the multiverse has the possibility of being a relative point of perspective. It’s all about playing with the parameters.

   So close your eyes, picture Nature’s Pattern; then visualize the blueprint’s layers throughout visible reality as you awaken your minds eye. Now, open your eyes.


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