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Minds Is the Uncensored Social Network We Need Most Right Now That Pays Creators to Share Freely

EducateInspireChangeOct 5, 2020, 12:36:11 AM

With more information surfacing regarding the lack of internet privacy and increased censorship, it is vital to explore new ethical interactions on social platforms. In this informative interview, Kash speaks with Bill Othman, co-founder of Minds, a free and open-source network service that rewards creators through the blockchain.

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At this point, it's fair to say social media giants are not at all concerned with the safety and well-being of their users.

In Ottman's approach, the freedom to share information allows for a platform that fully represents the ones creating.

"Conversation minimizes violence so if you're restricting the conversation even though it may be with the intent of reducing hate speech or radicalization, that has a higher likelihood of causing violence and radicalization because you create all these people who think that they're victims, they're pissed off that they're censored, and they freak out," Ottman claims.

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A Look Into the Mind: How It All Works


Minds rewards creators through a token system based on creator contribution, engagement, etc... Each day the tokens are dispersed, and those tokens are worth 1,000 impressions. If a creator would like to trade their tokens, they can do so and increase their reach.

"Rather than restricting people's reach, we are giving reach away. We're saying if you help us grow, we want to help you grow."

You can also use the tokens to tip other creators, subscribe monthly, and explore several of the monetization opportunities.

While the abundant payment options provide an incredible incentive, Ottman admits it's actually hard to pay people.

"People are almost so addicted that convincing them to try something new a put energy into something new... it is harder than you think," Ottman reflects despite the immense growth Minds has experienced recently.


Reimagining Trust in Social Media


Social media continued to be adored by the masses despite the unethical practices placed before users. It's not to say social media is doing anything wrong. In fact, Ottman mentions they are actually getting a lot right. However, they could be doing more good with it.

"The best thing they could do would be to give the reach back because then maybe people would spend more time there," Ottman advises.

This is a value in user control that gives creators the option to design their experience accordingly.

He offers tips on how social media giants might regain their user's trust while shedding insights on what he would change. Many of these changes stem from the current business model at Minds, including open-source code, the option to experience a chronological feed, and operating in transparency.


The Internet Represents One Massive Organism.


Ottman has had impactful experiences working with psychedelics and expands in the role of interconnectedness.

"What you're doing is what the planet around you becomes," Ottman begins as he talks about the information we both consume and create.

He continues to proclaim this component, mixed with technology's speed, can quickly spark flames. This is where transparency, connectivity, and ethics play an important role.

As AI makes its way to the technological forefront, there are a lot of questions to be explored for a harmonious collective experience. Watch the full episode to learn more about Ottman's perspective on Musk's NeuraLink, the future of Bitcoin, and the similarities between psychedelics and the internet.



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