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Dylan Doodle 007 Minds photography shoutout

DylanDoodle007Nov 17, 2018, 4:54:33 PM

Since my channel, Dylan Doodle 007's approaching 1,500 subscribers; I'm celebrating by showcasing four photography channels. Let's spread positivity.

Night Media

Night Media specialises in macro plant photography which has some vivid colours.

I discovered Night Media Saturday, two weeks ago when I saw a colourful image of a display of flowers. How could a Doodle like me not remind and promote your photo?

What makes your channel stand out is your vivid macro photographs of flowers that makes me feel refreshed. Wwoooooooooooooof!

I understand that too much saturation is overwhelming but, you can use it as a style or, create an idea. I love saturation! With me, I either go the full Doodle 007 or, startling black and white.


"I am a guy who finally got sick of sleeping through life. I was in a rut of going to work, coming home and watching T.V. and doing it all over the next day.

So back in March of 2018, I decided to start a YouTube channel that would involve me going out and capturing some interesting places. I post videos every Saturday, and I always try and pick places that will have some fun facts to learn and a whole lot of cool things to see."

I found tommytravelsdotfun in late-October when finding new photos to share for my channel. It was the rainbow mirror photo that caught my doggie eyes.

My favourite photo you've snapped is of the rectangles at Weisman Art Museum. I enjoy all the different sizes and angles throughout your photograph.

You're an example that many of us can travel; local, or across the world to experience new things while taking photos and videos. What's even better is that you share your story on the internet who listen and maybe inspired us to travel to our heart's content. Thank you.

Tomasz Gabryszak

Tomasz Gabryszak is a Polish-based photographer, who takes photos in his home country and an all-rounder.

I found your channel earlier this November when you shared an image of Szczecin, Poland. It was a break from the norm! No more forest pictures, flowers and Doodle 007's.

Yeah. The photograph looked all right, but that encouraged me to go sniffing around your channel. I was pleasantly surprised!

My favourite image found on your channel is of the Kołobrzeg Pier at twilight. I love the ambience bouncing off it because it draws my short attention span. Bark!

You're the all-around photographer on Minds! You take photos in the city, snap photographs on the beach and go to the woods.


"Fishing and nature photography for fun. Currently using Nikon D5600 and am very pleased with the result I have achieved with it!"

I discovered Fishman in mid-September, where he posted a weird photo of a supposed alien dashing away. Wow!

My favourite image of your channel is a picture of a Topnotch (Crested pigeon) because, it's nothing more, nothing less!

Every time I see an animal photo - I smile at the screen. Sophie lunges towards my laptop.

Seeming most pictures, you snap of birds say seeds. When Ferrarinator takes photos of Sophie, her head's all over the place. One more thing, you're a great player within the Minds community!

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Thank you for viewing my shoutout on original photography creators. I'm ecstatic! It's time for you to spread creativity @Minds by sharing your original photos and by reminding. What original channels do you recommend? Please comment down and Doodle 007 out.