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10 Reasons to Leave Facebook

Defiant AmericaJul 14, 2019, 4:26:54 PM

1. Facebook is spying on everything you do. Even private messages are not safe. They are using artificial intelligence to “profile” you for your political views. They most likely give this data to Federal agencies like the NSA.

2. Facebook is using facial recognition to keep a “facial fingerprint” of you and most likely give this to Federal agencies like the NSA. What if someone uses that data to construct a mask that appears like you on security cameras while they are committing a crime? It is as easy as planting your fingerprints at the scene of a crime to frame you.

3. Facebook embraces countries that have brutal laws and violate human rights. They are more interested in billions of foreigners clicking ads than they are 330 million Americans. It’s all about increasing profits for shareholders.

4. Facebook has foreign shareholders and are now deciding what political speech to suppress. They are actually manipulating elections for foreign interests.

5. Facebook has horrible page management features. Searching posts does not work right and never has. They never improve it.

6. Facebook will go back 5 years and find posts you make that now violate community standards and give you Facebook jail for it. When they give you Facebook jail, they cut you off completely from even messaging your own friends an family.

7. Their appeal process is broken frequently and you can’t even appeal a violation if it is broke. You are just out of luck.

8. Facebook is bait and switch. Business pages worked well. They had great reach and now they suppress reach and continue to suppress it even further, but want you to pay to reach the people that follow your page. You did the work to build a follower base and now they want to charge you for it. In many cases people spent 10s of thousands to 100s of thousands of dollars advertising the page to build followers but Facebook says they own you and your followers.

9. Facebook is biased and will favor some businesses over others. They delete pages with content a competitor runs and never touch the competitor. Search for the Jason Fyk lawsuit against them. (Don't use Google!)

10. They frequently popup messages and send you message telling you that you are a bad person for clicking something too fast or that your post is spam, when it isn’t. They don’t even understand what the definition of spam is. If you have followers, they want to see what you post, so it is impossible to “spam” them if they opt-in to follow you.

Facebook is hostile toward it’s own business users. Why would anyone want to be on a platform that treats their users so horribly?