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Wash for Less and Save Time!

DanielSOSep 13, 2018, 3:42:44 AM

 My wife and I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. We do not have washer and dryer connections. Not only that the apartment complex do not allow them. They have on ground ones that cost 2.75 to wash and 2.50 to dry.  The washer leaves detergent on the clothes AND the dryer does not dry all the way.. So Yeah 18+ dollars a week to do this and the time of 3 hours back and forth. that is over 1000 dollars a year 156 hours....

 I found this little Washer+Spinner online and man was I amazed. It washes Very Very well. We use 1/4 oz of Dawn while all the oil and dirt is pulled right out. it takes 4 minutes to wash! and 2 minutes to spin that gets 80% of the water out!. We then hang it out to dry in the bedroom. No worries it don't drip at all. The i bout a blower fan. Oh My God does it work. Less than 15 minutes they are 100% dry. So my cost was. 91 dollars for Washer, 52 dollars for Fan Blower. 44 dollars for Clothes Drying Rack, 5 dollars for Dawn.

My total time taken washing everything is less than 8 minutes because we use it as we go. Other then letting it set in a basket for a week. And drying is easy! just hang and walk away.  It's worth every penny and we have Saved so much money and TIME.