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Is This Mini Micro PC worth it?

DanielSOSep 13, 2018, 2:53:30 AM

About a Month ago i bought the Odroid Xu4 It's a Mini Micro Computer. I ordered the Pre-Installed version to save me time. It turned out to be faster than my laptop and my Desktop PC... It only had 2GB of ram. but has a powerful 8 Core CPU. I have run many Apps at the same time on it. trying to bog it down to see the limits.. well let me say.. 15+ tabs open and 2 games running in the background did not work. It up and i was like. Is more ram even worth it??? we are sold we need more ram all the time. But these cores did more than ram could have ever done. Also for a PC that's little bigger than a credit card its powerful. Going to use it as a server. $89 dollars server that is. Very powerful and fast. Started to build a cluster of them. been adding them 4 at a time. Odroid MC1 has been cheaper and works just as good. Overall this is the best PC investment I have made. It runs about anything.