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Bluenote - The World First Blockchain-based Energy Efficiency Protocol

CryptoViewFeb 14, 2019, 5:03:54 AM

Recent research conducted reviewed that there could be a ton of energy savings which could be gotten from an improved energy efficient system. There has been some research conducted by different energy efficient authorities notably by MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), US Energy policy among many others and these agencies have brought about different research methodologies to improve energy efficiency with its findings.

The Bluenote team has embarked on their own research and are trying to create a friendly ecosystem for all human and non-human species alike. Buildings stand as one of the major contributors to climate change due to the fact that those buildings emit about 33% of the world climate greenhouse gas change. Fortunately, buildings can significantly reduce the amount of energy it consumes through different mediums like smart management, provision of energy-related technologies, data mining processes and many more.

The Bluenote is creating the first energy efficiency system that provides many solutions to energy efficiency and management solutions. Bluenote leverages on blockchain technologies to create a powerful and ever-growing solution that is cost effective and safe for the environment. Their solution is aimed at to significantly reduce the cost to purchase energy and provide different medium to reuse energy from other sources.

They also help building owners get more value for their building infrastructures. By providing a platform that enables buildings to become more profitable and makes our environment becomes more user-friendly and safe. The systems help buildings become more sustainable and valuable for their owners. The fundamental purpose of the project is to increase energy efficiency significantly by lowering carbon emission within our community.

The climate change challenges need to be addressed as the world at large requires the next level of energy efficiency which is put in place to save energy and these challenges can only be controlled by using the next generation of technological infrastructure. The 21st century has blessed us with the provision of internet and mobile devices, the next generation of the internet which is the blockchain technology which is a distributed ledger technology which is very powerful and safe for the transaction of day to day value interaction. Research conducted revealed that the magnitude of energy efficiency saving must increase significantly. Agencies should look for other ways to generate and produce energy. Renewable energy sources are to be taken advantage of to provide a measurable and ensure a persistence provision of energy saving processes to save our community from attack.

Decentralization Is A Step Towards The Right Ecosystem.

Distributed ledger technology provides a transparent, secure and open ledger of all network transactions. One of the many benefits of blockchain technology is the elimination of third-party agencies, removal of middle man in the distribution chain. Data has shown to play a very vital role in our society today, data tell a more direct and intimate story on how past event has happened and how future event would be affected based on the data provided.

Blockchain technology provides an immutable, secured, transparent and automated processes. Blockchain technology is the idea behind the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum blockchain and over time they have proven to be highly secured and unhackable which provides many benefits to the whole ecosystem of finance, confidentiality, and the most secured technology since inceptions.


The Bluenote team has done thorough research on energy efficiency and how they would provide an efficient and seamless way to save our ecosystem form disaster.

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