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Integrity is one of the greatest virtues.

Words Of WisdomSep 19, 2018, 1:10:48 PM

When people are growing older, based on their experiences they develop virtues, growing older means being mature in a responsible way to your relationships, to your work and even to unknown people who you do not know. If one man wants to be stable within himself, one of the things that he must develop is integrity.

Integrity is one of the greatest virtues that can free you from throwing the responsibility on others. Do what you say you will do when you say you will do, means taking responsibility for yourself without relying on external circumstances and others.

The excuse is often an easy way to evade our responsibilities and most commonly used among the people who cannot grab their own responsibilities in their life.

Even if you do not manage to be integer do not get yourself justified. Get your work shifted to another time taking all the responsibility.

When we start to treat others with integrity we can only expect others to treat us also the same way, what we see and experience in our life are based on the things that we have developed inside of us.