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Your Guide to the New Economy

Corbett ReportNov 22, 2021, 1:49:43 AM

by James Corbett
November 21, 2021

Congratulations! You've spent the last 14 years or so since the Global Financial Crisis getting up to speed on all the financial lingo and now you can finally wrap your mind around the reality inversion bubble and explain the intricacies of the ratings game and bore people at cocktail parties with a detailed account of how HFTs are ruining the markets.

Good work!

. . . But guess what? That's all outdated!

As I pointed out last week, we are entering into a Brave New Neofeudal Net Zero Economy and all the verities of the old economic order are being thrown out the window. Make no mistake: they don't call it a "New World Order" for nothing and they aren't kidding around when they call for a "Great Reset."

Yes, the world is changing fast in this decade of transformation and now there's a bewildering new array of acronyms and asset classes to learn about. So buckle in and get ready for a crash course in the new (slave) economy.


The European Commission defines the "bioeconomy" as "the production of renewable biological resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value added products, such as food, feed, bio-based products and bioenergy." In effect, the "bioeconomy" builds on the "sustainable development" fraud to propose an idea that will sound good to most people at first glance: using biotechnology in the production of goods, services and renewable energy. Who wouldn't want to find ways to convert biomass into environmentally friendly products and renewable energy, after all?

But as Corbett Report regulars will already know, "biotechnology" is merely a codeword for genetic modification and other lab-based manipulations of the natural world. These technologies are controlled by oligarch-owned multinational corporations, financed by oligarch-run tax-exempt foundations and promoted by oligarch-controlled governments, and they are increasingly being used to convert the natural world into patentable and saleable commodities for the benefit of those self-same oligarchs (see "NAC" below for more on that).

For a case in point ripped from this week's headlines, see the recent PR Newswire press release on how mRNA Victoria, "the agency of the Australian State of Victoria Government charged with building the State's mRNA manufacturing and research capability," is teaming up with Ginkgo Bioworks, "the leading horizontal platform for cell programming" to work on "vaccine development, biosecurity initiatives, and the application to Ginkgo's platform in the pharmaceutical and biotech, food and agriculture, and mining and bioremediation/recycling sectors in Australia." Then read Derrick Broze's important report on Ginkgo explaining that company's ties to the biosecurity and transhumanist agendas.

Finally, if you really want to see where this biotech-driven "bioeconomy" revolution is taking us, check out the nightmarish vision of the future presented by Policy Horizons Canada that I featured in my report on The Great Convergence. Bugbot surveillance drones? Microbe transplants that automatically adjust your insulin levels and other biological processes? Examining your children's teeth for epigenetic markers of disease in order to qualify for a health rebate? Yay! What could go wrong?


I know you're already familiar with the concept of Central Bank Digital Currency, as it's something I've covered in these pages as well as in interviews and podcasts over the course of the past year. But for those of you who need a refresher, CBDCs are a proposed new monetary instrument that central bank after central bank all around the world is currently "exploring" right now (and by "exploring" they mean "looking for the best way to introduce this new form of monetary slavery to a docile public"). If you thought Federal Reserve Notes were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. These new digital currencies will be issued directly by the central bank, cutting out the commercial bankster middlemen . . . and thereby allowing their central bankster overlords unprecedented levels of control over every single transaction taking place in the economy in real time (as even the portly head of the Bank for International Settlements gleefully admits). The CBDCs are an essential linchpin in the coming neofeudal technocratic slave state, so it is well worth your time to bring yourself up to speed on what these instruments are and why you should not take the central bank-issued wallet when it is offered to you.


Just before the bankster oligarchs met at the Conference of the Parties in Glasgow this month to announce GFANZ, their latest attempt to implement the neofeudal Net Zero swindle, they were gathered at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to announce a highly-related swindle: NACs.

"NAC" stands for Natural Asset Companies, a new asset class which, the NYSE press release helpfully informs us, "enable natural asset owners to convert nature’s value into financial capital, providing additional resources necessary to power a sustainable future." Still confused? Well, Fortune breaks it down this way:

"Using NACs, governments, farmers, and other owners of natural assets will be able to form a specialized corporation that holds the rights to the ecosystem services produced on a given chunk of land, services like carbon sequestration or clean water. Then the company will tap the U.S. public markets by way of the NYSE like any other entity would. The difference is that instead of using the capital raised to shore up a balance sheet, fund M&A, or buy back stock down the road, NACs will use the funds to help preserve a rain forest or undertake other conservation efforts, like changing a farm’s conventional agricultural production practices to regenerative methods."

Once again, this might sound great if you believe that the banksters are all jumping on board this $130 trillion carbon swindle out of the goodness of their heart and a concern for Mother Earth. (Incidentally, if you have swallowed that bunk hook, line and sinker then please get in touch; I have a bridge to sell you.) For those who are more interested in reality, however, you are highly encouraged to read Whitney Webb's recent article on the topic to understand how the NAC swindle relates to the larger Net Zero swindle.

In short, NACs were spearheaded by Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG), whose founding investors, we learn, include the Inter-American Development Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation. As you might imagine, the purpose of this new asset class is not to preserve the environment but, as even the NYSE press release brazenly admits, "enable investors to access nature’s store of wealth." Ka-ching!

In fact—as Blackrock's former chief investment officer for sustainable investing, Tariq Fancy, reveals in a blockbuster new 3-part whistleblowing essay—even the expert-trusting, consensus-pushing, manmade global warming kool aid-drinking crowd know that the "sustainable investing" scam is just that: a scam. It's a field populated by charlatans, hucksters and predators and the only "green" involved in this swindle is the money flowing into the accounts of the portfolio managers.

As y0u might imagine, I'll have a lot more to say on this in the near future, but in the meantime, read Webb's article.


NFT supposedly stands for "non-fungible token" but—as an increasing number of people who can see through the BS of the banksters are correctly noting—it also stands for "no f***king thing." In a nutshell, an NFT is a cryptographically-secured token that is linked to ownership of an item, either digital or physical. As each NFT is unique, it thus provides a digital certification of ownership that cannot be duplicated. So what can it be used for?

Well, as James Evan Pilato noted earlier this year, it's being used to sell special digital downloads of new albums by the likes of Kings of Leon. And now people are paying $69 million for an NFT certifying ownership of a JPG file that someone has generously categorized as "a work of art." Why? Why not! Who cares! There's money to be made! (Or is that digital tokens of money?...)

Now to some extent this is a continuation of the money laundering operation that has defined the "art" space for decades now, but there is something deeper going on here, too. The idea of paying tens of millions of dollars for "ownership" of a digital file so perfectly encapsulates the meme economy that we are being steeped in that the suckers can't help but hop on the bandwagon. And as they say, there's a sucker born every minute.

Much more ominously, however, the combination of smart contracts and NFTs that can be used to cryptographically and immutably transfer digital assets between individuals is the exact same combination of technologies that will eventually be used to link all of us into the Internet of Things. The NFT's nifty ability to tie your digital identity to a product will, if things continue, also be used to tie your digital identity into your central bank-issued CBDC account and all of your purchases, granting or denying each and every transaction you make based on your social credit score or any other arbitrary criteria determined by the operators of the smart contract system.

In the meantime, though, don't forget to buy your absurdly expensive CryptoKitties and tell yourself that This Is Fine!


Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the idea that every citizen should receive a regular stipend from the government just for existing. Why? Think of it as a "territorial dividend." Or think of it as a "social dividend." Or think of it as an insurance policy against the robot takeover. Whatever. Why think about it at all? Just shut up and take the money!

But, as you'll know from my editorial on Universal Basic Enslavement, There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch and the promised UBI utopia of the future is no exception to that rule. No, UBI is a gateway to the technocratic enslavement grid.

I mean, do you think teams of government delivery men are going to be dropping cash off at your door every month? Or even mailing checks? Pfff. We all saw how the COVID stimulus checks worked out. Get with the times, man! When the UBI comes, you better believe it'll come in the form of CBDC that will be airdropped into your central bank-issued digital wallet every month.

And of course they can't just give it to *every* citizen willy-nilly. No, of course not! There will have to be certain strings attached to these payments. Exactly as the participants in the World Economic Forum roundtable on the topic suggest, inclusion in the program will have to be tied to "civic responsibilities" like national service and mandatory vaccination and compulsory voting.

Yes, the economy of the future is increasingly looking like one where things will be easy for you . . . as long as you do exactly what the technocrats tell you do exactly when they tell you to do it. And UBI is a huge step along the path toward bringing that vision about.


Imagine if all you had to do to make free money was stare into a weird orb for a few seconds. Would you do it? Of course you would! It's free money.

Now stop imagining and get in line, because that's exactly the idea behind the incredibly creepy Worldcoin idea that we covered on last week's edition of New World Next Week! That's right, Sam Altman—the former head of tech startup incubator Y Combinator—thinks that people will be happy to give up their retina scan in return for his new cryptocurrency, and apparently his crypto investing pals agree. After an initial funding round of $25 million, Worldcoin is now valued at $1 billion and is expecting to have collected a billion eyeballs for their database by the year 2023.

The idea here, according to the Bloomberg article that introduced the project to the world—is "to use cryptocurrency to spread money around equitably" and is "inspired by the trendy economic theory known as universal basic income." The creepy retina scan aspect of this is apparently intended to make it easier to enroll people in the scam . . . errr, I mean the "project" . . . because, as the project head points out, "so many people around the world don’t have access to financial systems yet."

As incredibly unnerving as the idea is, who could blame the poorest people in the world from giving up their biometric details in exchange for the chance to help feed their family for another month? This type of scheme would be seen as technological colonialism of the most horrible kind if it weren't for the fact that Altman swears no personal information is collected during the sign up process and those retina scans aren't stored in any database. They're simply stored as unique hashes which can then be matched against future eyeball scan hashes and that's a TOTALLY DIFFERENT THING! Pinky swear.

Stop This Ride, I Want to Get Off!

If the new economic order that's coming into view seems like a nightmarish hybrid of meme-level nonsense and Orwellian tyranny, then I'm happy to report that your BS detectors are functioning correctly. It seems that every economic idea and financial concept that is being thrust down our throat these days is an attempt to replace the real world of actual productive activity and physical products with a manipulated, synthetic equivalent. And, worse yet, those synthetic equivalents are not only bereft of any actual value (physical, mental or spiritual) but they are also tied into the surveillance dragnet that is increasingly observing and cataloguing everything we do.

So the answer is simple, right? Just reject all this nonsense and go about our business in the actual, physical world, right?

Well, if that is your plan then you should be warned that it won't be quite that simple. The banksters are going to do everything in their power to make sure that their phony baloney digital meme economy is the default for all of our daily transactions. And as you know by now, CBDCs and NFTs and UBI and all of these ideas are merely the thin edge of the wedge for a system of total control where social credit systems will be used to stop those who resist from transacting in their economy.

If the banksters have their way, in the very near future there will be no real-world economy left for us to transact in.

But here is the good news: There are things we can do to wean ourselves off of the controlled financial system and begin to create an alternative economy.

As Corbett Report long-timers will know, undermining the banksters' agenda by supplanting their control of the monetary supply has been one of the core issues that I have returned to time and time again over the years.

I created the definitive documentary on the Federal Reserve system in the United States, Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve.

I've explored the relationship between the monetary system and our financial enslavement, articulated the need for ending the Federal Reserve (and every other private central banking cartel) and discussed practical ideas for doing so (more than once)

I've discussed the banking cartel and its machinations with The Creature from Jekyll Island author G. Edward Griffin on one, two, three, four separate occasions.

I've interviewed Web of Debt author Ellen Brown not once, not twice, not three times, but four times.

I've talked to Bill Still, host of The Money Masters documentary (once, twice, three times) and Patrick Carmack, its producer.

I've talked about Carroll Quigley and his revelations about the Bank for International Settlements in podcast and video form and dissected his Tragedy & Hope in a conversation with Joe Plummer.

I've discussed ideas for monetary reform (such as self-issued credit), talked to not one but two different community currency organizers and even done an entire lecture exploring "Survival Currencies," i.e., options for transacting outside of the banksters' controlled monetary system.

And once we have an alternative monetary system in place, we can expand on that by creating communities of like-minded people and building out the agorist economy we want to bring into existence.

In short, this is not a new topic for Corbett Report regulars. But still, it needs to be stated as clearly as possible: Our reliance on the "money" issued by the central banksters is our downfall. They can and will create whatever structures they want on top of that monetary system and, sooner or later, they will get their wish. With the combination of CBDCs, NACs, UBI, social credit systems, carbon ration cards and vaccine passports, we are sleepwalking into a nightmare of total monetary control in which the ability to buy and sell will be flipped on or off at the whims of the banksters.

We have two choices: develop an alternative monetary system now or live under a system of total economic enslavement. The choice is ours to make . . . for now.

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