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Meet The REAL Disinformation Dozen

Corbett ReportJul 25, 2021, 2:08:50 PM

by James Corbett
July 24, 2021

Have you heard of "The Disinformation Dozen" yet? They're the twelve people that, according to The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), "are responsible for almost two-thirds of anti-vaccine content circulating on social media platforms."

You see, you might think that it is well-documented research about the known short-term effects and unknown long-term effects of the unapproved gene therapy injections that are making people hesitant about sticking the COVID "vaccines" in their arms. But you'd be wrong.

According to the CCDH's super serious and rigorously researched report on the subject, it is in fact this small group of dedicated disinformationists who have single-handedly warped the minds of millions of poor, innocent social media users. These loathsome liars and avid anti-science activists are, the CCDH informs us, the true source of the public's misgivings about the jab.

Don't trust your lying eyes! Believe our good old friends at the mysterious CCDH (who studiously avoid the question of where they get their own fund in the "About" section of their website) when they tell you that it's this handful of cranks and charlatans who are creating hordes of tinfoil anti-vaxxers with their cunningly crafted tweets and their perfectly persuasive Instagram posts.

So, who are these online gurus, exactly? Who are the social media Svengalis leading the online hordes off of the digital cliffs? Who should we as a society be living in mortal fear of? Why, THESE people, of course!

Are you scared yet? No? Well, how about if we distort the image so they look a little more unhinged?

How about now? Are you suitably terrified?

Yeah, I thought not. Because this is transparent nonsense, of course. It's a garbage report written by an "advocacy" group whose sole purpose is to eliminate "wrongthink" from the internet and it should not be taken seriously. Sadly, though, as you'll see in the conclusion to this article, there are people taking it seriously. At the very least, the report is serving its intended purpose of making it seem like there's some sort of grassroots support behind a campaign for mass government censorship online.

But if they can do it, so can we!

It is in that spirit that I offer today my own "Disinformation Dozen" article listing the twelve people and organizations who have done the most to spread disinformation and panic among the public over the past eighteen months.


As Director-General of the World Health Organization, it's arguable that no one has done more to lay the groundwork of the biosecurity narrative than Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Like his predecessor, Margaret Chan—who presided over the swine flu and ebola and zika test runs of the scamdemic—Tedros has been the front man for the entire COVID-1984 agenda. It was the WHO that first proposed social distancing as the answer to the generated crisis, and it was Tedros himself who told countries that the constant (false positive-generating) testing of everyone was a necessary public health measure in the New Normal (at the behest of his Gates Foundation paymasters, no doubt). And let's not forget that it was the WHO that mainstreamed the idea of an "infodemic" of "dangerous online misinformation" that needs to be censored in their February 2020 situation report on the topic, nor that it was Tedros himself who drilled the "infodemic" propaganda home at a press conference that same month.


Neil Ferguson may not be the face of the scamdemic or the most famous of the COVID disinformationists, but his provably faulty information has arguably done more to move us into the era of medical martial law than any other single piece of misinformation. Ferguson, as you should know by now, is the man behind the Imperial College model that predicted a tidal wave of deaths in the US and the UK, a projection that provided the fig leaf for politicians in both countries (and, in turn, would-be dictators in other countries) to lock down their populations in the name of "public health." He was also the man behind a number of similarly over-the-top mortality projections in previous public health scares, including wildly fault death forecasts for the 2005 bird flu scare and the 2009 swine flu scamdemic test run. So how does someone who consistently gets it so wrong get entrusted with constructing yet another faulty model for yet another public health scare? Hint: The Gates Foundation has 79 million reasons why. He was eventually tangled up in his own lies when he was caught cavorting with his mistress in direct contravention of the anti-social distancing rules that he so forcefully advocates for the peasants, but for some reason, despite making a big show of resigning in apparent disgrace for his actions, he is still advising the UK government on their scamdemic response.


Of course, all of the major social media companies are culpable in spreading misinformation about the scamdemic online, but YouTube deserves special mention for reasons that should be obvious. By promoting only "authoritative content" from "reliable sources" in the dinosaur mainstream media and burying information from anyone who is not in step with the Great Reset agenda, YouTube has steered hundreds of millions of people around the globe away from the truth about any number of topics in the last several years. But, as we have all seen, that practice of "hiding" information from users has taken the turn into outright censorship over the past 18 months, with video after video and channel after channel being sent down the digital memory hole for daring to tell the truth about the scamdemic. Anyone who still uses the platform to learn the latest news about COVID-1984 (or anything else of political importance) is being actively misinformed on a daily basis and should be considered a dangerous NPC zombie.


If you (like me) do not watch CNN, you may not be familiar with Dr. Leana Wen. If that is the case, consider yourself lucky. Your CNN-watching friends (should you have any) will doubtless recognize her as the "expert" that the lying liars at CNN turn to every time they need her to give the establishment position on the COVID-19 gene therapy injections masquerading as "vaccines." You might remember her from my "Science Says" podcast where she was arguing that the opening up of society should not take place without certain strings attached. Specifically, she opined that it is important for the government to make it clear that "the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life" because "we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status." This is more or less the message that she (along with her CNN-hosted disinfo pals) is still pushing on CNN every single day. In a sense, you could argue that she's being quite truthful when she acknowledges that this is about increasing uptake of the "vaccine" and not about protecting the public health, but nevertheless, Dr. Wen deserves to be recognized as a disinformationist of concern for her tireless efforts to push the vaccine passport agenda.


In a sense it's a no-brainer that the bought-and-paid-for mouthpiece of the White House is going to be one of the biggest purveyors of scamdemic disinfo, but it's still worth noting White House press secretary Jen Psaki's role in misinforming hundreds of millions of people. In her regular press briefings she reiterates debunked information from the CDC and other public health bodies that are more interested in getting needles in arms and covering up for vaccine manufacturers than they are in protecting the health of the public. Case in point: Psaki brags in her latest press briefing that—given how the pre-Biden (fake and made up) polls indicated that less than 40% of the population was willing to take the vaccine whereas (they claim) 68% of Americans have taken a shot—"we’ve been able to influence a whole lot of people to change their minds." Unfortunately, that's probably true, and that's why Psaki (and, by extension, all of the other spokespeople for all the other Great Reset agenda-following administrations in countries around the world) deserves to be dishonoured as part of the Disinformation Dozen.


I suppose I could elaborate on the ways that "Mr. Scamdemic" himself, Bill Gates, is responsible for propagating misinformation about COVID-1984 to the general public, but if you don't know about that yet I have a two hour documentary you should watch.


Remember when FactCheck.org declared that the COVID scamdemic was not presaged by Event 201 because that exercise "dealt with a hypothetical scenario involving a fictional virus"? Remember when Reuters attempted to "fact check" the "conspiracy theories" about Bill Gates by debunking the strawman that "Bill Gates is planning to use microchip implants to fight the coronavirus"? Remember when Vox stealth edited and PolitiFact "updated" their "fact checks" about the COVID lab origin hypothesis? Remember all the other times over the past 18 months that these self-appointed gatekeepers of truth have attempted to gaslight the public about various aspects of this generated crisis? Pepperidge farm remembers. And so does the REAL disinformation dozen list.


The Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (aka SPI-B) is not exactly a household name, but it should be. SPI-B is a shadowy group hiding in the bowels of the UK's bureaucracy that, according to the UK government, is "a subgroup of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), which is chaired by the Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA)." It's tasked with providing the government with strategies for manipulating the public into behaving the way the politicians want them to. If that sounds perfectly Orwellian, you're not wrong. In fact, members of the group have recently come out to express their "regret" at their unethical actions, including deliberately ramping up fear in order to scare the public into submission and acceptance of the New Normal. It's a fascinating story, and that story is available in both short and long forms, but whatever way you slice it, SPI-B has been one of the most egregious purveyors of disinformation in Britain during the scamdemic.


To be fair, this spot on the list could easily have been given to any number of public health officials in provincial backwaters that have used their first taste of power and prestige in their miserable careers to instantly become would-be dictators. I'm sure everyone reading these words could tell a story or two about their own local health official. But let's acknowledge Kerry Chant, the chief health officer of New South Wales, Australia, for her absolutely outrageous pronouncement this week. Oh, didn't you hear? In addition to staying home and anti-social distancing and all the usual rigamarole, Kerry Chant is now lecturing Australians that they should NOT EVEN TALK TO THEIR FRIENDS if they happen to bump into them during their "essential" travels. Yes, the government is kindly allowing the plebs out every once in a while for "essential" work or to buy "essential" goods, but don't you dare speak to your friend during that trip to the store, you prisoner! That's how the cooties spreads! And the truly unbelievable part about all of this is that many Australians are cheering these measures on. Truly, the disinformationists are warping the minds of the public, and Chant's remarks are as good a sign of that as any.


Given his condition, it may be unfair to include Biden in a list of disinformation agents. But just because the Script-Reader-in-Chief doesn't understand the script that he's reading doesn't mean that he isn't spreading disinformation to the masses. Case in point: During his train wreck of a town hall last week, Biden asserted that "you're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations." This is, of course, in direct contradiction to what every health body in the world currently holds to be true including Biden's own CDC and disrupts the new propaganda push about "breakthrough cases" that will naturally be used to convince the public to accept yearly booster shots for the foreseeable future. So will GooTube be censoring the White House channel for contradicting public health body guidance and spreading dangerous information during a deadly scamdemic? Don't hold your breath.


We all remember Matt Hancock, the now-disgraced former British Health Secretary who cried (?) tears (?) of joy (?) over the sight of William Shakespeare being jabbed last year. (Oh, and in case you're keeping track at home, William Shakespeare died shortly thereafter of an "unrelated illness," which is precisely how that death would not have been reported had he died before receiving the gene therapy injection). You may have also heard about the string of scandals that he was involved in before his fall from grace, a bunch of mostly nothingburgers hyped up by the MSM that only served to reinforce the main narrative that COVID-19 is a terrifying pandemic contagion and we should have all locked down harder and longer and worn even more masks. More to the point, you might have noticed that the affair that caused Hancock's ultimate downfall was the result of the same "rules for thee, not for me" mindset that seems to afflict many of the Disinformation Dozen (see, for example, Neil Ferguson's similar scandal from last year). Don't let them distract you from the main point: The person who was hectoring and lecturing the public to stay home and social distance did not himself break those very rules out of a momentary lapse of judgement. He broke them because he knows they're BS. He told you with his actions that social distancing is a trick that the political class have played on the population. For this, as well as for the fact that he perpetuated all the scamdemic myths throughout the first 18 months of the scam, Hancock has earned his place in the Disinformation Dozen.


Naturally no list of COVID disinformationists would be complete without the Don of Disinfo himself, Anthony "Fuhgeddaboutit" Fauci. You'll recall that Fauci was dishonoured with the Dino of Shame at this year's Fake News Awards for peddling the Fakest News of 2020. It's not just the fake news he passed along about the IFR rate (which was a key factor in ramping up the scamdemic in the first place). It's not just his flip-flopping on no-masking or masking or double-masking. It's not just his documentable lies regarding gain-of-function research or the attempt to deny his previous staements about it. It's the fact that he's achieved sainthood in the new religion of scientism, his every pronouncement unquestioningly touted by his devotees (regardless of how blatantly it contradicts his previous pronouncement). He has become for many millions of people the voice of authority in the scamdemic era, and he has used that role to push all of the worst aspects of the biosecurity state, from lockdowns and anti-social distancing to the fraudulent PCR test and, of course, the injections. There's no telling how much damage this serial misinformer has done during this generated crisis.


This is all a bit of fun, isn't it? Making up "Wanted" posters and describing the misinformation that the purveyors of the official COVID-1984 narrative have spread in the past 18 months.

Sadly, no, this is not a game. At least, not for the CCDH, which, in addition to writing their nonsense reports on online "disinformation" are also busily lobbying to censor those voices that they disagree with. Their website lists another dozen censorship campaigns (disguised as "anti-misinformation" campaigns) that they are currently engaged in and they even brag about their success in getting David Icke deplatformed from all of the main social media sites last year.

And any guess whose report Amy Klobuchar is citing in her latest push to pass a bill that will "hold platforms accountable for misinformation during health crises"? Why, the CCDH's Disinformation Dozen report, of course.

This is not a game. There are many overlapping agendas that are playing out in this scamdemic, but make no mistake: one agenda item for the globalists is the elimination of the online alternative media outlets that have been opposing their efforts for decades now.

To be absolutely crystal clear: I am NOT calling for the REAL Disinformation Dozen to be censored in any way. In fact, I want them to be given a platform to speak, because I genuinely believe that it is only in the free exchange of ideas and information (even misinformation) among free peoples that we can possibly hope to discover the truth. I am also not stupid enough to think that if I (or anyone I associated with) somehow magically found themselves in the position of being able to wield the power of censorship, that that power would never be wielded against me in the future.

No, censorship is not the answer. Exactly the opposite. Censorship is the hallmark of tyrants. So when you see these "Disinformation Dozen" lists come out of nowhere from shadowy groups and get bandied about as a basis for deplatforming people online, you should know exactly what kind of enemy you're up against.

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