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Is Minds.com Rewarding It's Top Content "Creators"?

DooBetterNov 1, 2021, 2:10:59 PM

Rewards are given out to users, which encourages them to "continue using the app".

 However, the algorithm is not working effectively because it does not take into consideration of different user behaviors and or Value. The current algorithm favors one behavior.. Serial posters.. and the only way to keep up with that behavior is to Copy and Paste content from other sources. Seems like Minds is Crazy Busy with Lots of folks.. In Reality.. The Algorithm has pushed away Most of the real authentic Members and What remains is a mixed group of Sock accounts Bots and a few Real folks trying to compete with folks that are just Draining the platform.


This situation is very concerning to me,

 How can we Change it so.. The rewards are based on the Quality of Content rather than the Amount or Frequency of posting Copied Content?

  1. Require 2fa Or 4 digit text verification Then Deactivate accounts that don't verify within 30 days.
  2. Make a "copy and pasted" report button. And/or institute a reverse image search function that sniffs out the stolen bologna.
  3. Be more aggressive on Communication, Make terms and conditions more clear!
  4. Rewards for Community involvement.

Please Comment Your Suggestions.. Thanks!

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