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Vote Trump like you're life depends on it. Vote Republican from top to bottom

Censorship SucksSep 29, 2020, 3:18:06 AM

This is why the the left and right should join forces to stop any communists we see.   If you're protesting for a better America I'll support you all day long.   But if you burn loot and more than I will never support you.   You are trying to break America because you see us as vulnerable.  And yes, we are in a weak spots. But let me leave you no doubt that the heartland of America is stronger than you've ever imagined.   Look at the boat parades.  Look at the rallies for Trump versus that ghost the DNC is running.    


Why is Joe Biden not even running a campaign?   Think about it, Trump has 2.2 million volunteers knocking on millions of doors while  Biden isn't even trying.    For the first time in America the DNC has shut down all campaign operations over their fear of a #coof.  Really?  They riot in the streets night after night and only wear masks to hide their ANTIFA identities.  BTW, I denounce all race based hate groups from the KKK to ANTIFA.   They both have no place in America.  We need to bring people together, not divide them.  


Which is why Trump is making campaign stops at open airport facilities while Biden hasn't even held a single campaign rally.  Trump has personally spoken to hundreds of thousands of supporters while Biden has campaigned for  a few hundred at the very most.  His son , Hunter, is tied into MASSIVE corruption according to the Senate yet the Press and the FBI could care less.   


Don't get me wrong. I was NOT a fan of Trump when he was leading in the primaries but once he had it locked down and the GOP threatened to withhold votes and cheat him out of the nomination I was so pissed that they turned me into a Trump supporter.


Now, after 4 years of Trump...  I just want to thank him for a great job.  The main reason I really didn't want him as our President at the start was because he was so dividing.    


But now I realize that we're in a war.. a Culture war for now, but realize that Trump is the best defender of common sense we've seen in politics for three generations.  We are potentially six months from a full on civil war where these radical leftists will use the skills they learned in FPS games to recreate war zones in order to terrorize people into submitting to 'democratic socialism'.


We've all seen the Videos of Sleepy Joe sniffing kids and I just want to say that no one I know does that, and beyond that the dude is slowing down, he's likely operating at 80% but when you get old you have good days and bad days.  And the 80% means he's 80% there and 20% confused, you give him three years and he's done.  

This election is a no brainer for anyone who just wants to go back to normal.   Seriously the left wants shit like Agenda 21 and the Green new deal and even Climate lock downs.   Just google it.  


I love all of you and hope you'll take this to heart and research every word I said, leave me comments if I'm wrong.