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I support #FreeSpeechAug 25, 2019, 4:08:39 AM

For now @RealDonaldTrump 's campaign needs to be able to pay FB and Twatter $100s of Millions and yes, they want that money. So they will work to get him a second term.... but in that term he needs to champion free speech and open source networks.    

1) Legislation to make all Social Networks with over 10 Million users open source.

 2) Split up the big tech sites and let them all compete on their own against ready and waiting competition. 

3) Force browsers to apply VPNs so our activity can't be traced. 

4) Heavily penalize companies for selling our personal data when we find that they've hijacked our cameras or our recording devices on our phones, PC's, Tablets, and all other so called "smart devices."    

5) All social media sites over 10 million, and operating in the USA, must respect the 1st amendment #1a, and the entire #BillofRights in all respects and any claims of being 'private companies' do not apply.