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5 Tips to Help YOU Get Started on Minds

CensorshipsucksOct 4, 2018, 3:25:00 AM

August 2nd, 2017 I created my Minds account after hearing so many of my favorite content creators asking us to do so.  So we did.   We were looking for a place to post our political opinions because we were getting sick and tired of the #Censorship bullshit.  And did we ever find a home here on #Minds.  At the time of this writing I now have over 10,000 subscribers. 

Here are my top 5 tips for new people migrating to Minds based on my last 14 months here.  


This means different things to everyone.   You might be into taking great photos of city landscapes, or maybe nature scenes, you might like to write about Cryptos, or maybe you post dank memes... what matters is that you are passionate about who you are.  Make your profile and banner images reflect YOU, be who you are and assume that like minded people will find you if you follow my tips.  

Once you've defined your channel consider making a killer meme reflecting yourself and announcing that you are here, and that everyone should subscribe to you.  Here's a great example that was made for, and by @Anonfpv  (who is also available for hire to make memes, as is @Libtarded. )   Anon has a van life channel so this works perfect and hopefully brought him a few hundred subs so far.   

Mine was Kermit the Frog singing RATM on a banjo.  

Make your dream meme by yourself or easily consign one here on minds for a few tokens and then pin it to the top of your page and boost it to kingdom come.   

Do this for a month or so as you slowly start to earn more and more tokens every day while backing it up with regular posts, not to appease some algorithm, but to keep your subscribers interested.     


This is a really great way to expand your reach but tread lightly.   If you're a big art fan and join a big artist group with 5,000 members you can now reach a lot more people if you post there.   However, make sure you stay on topic and respect the members as you can/will be removed easily if all you do is post off topic and spam their feed.   

There are hundreds of groups with hundreds of thousands of members so this is a very powerful way to reach people and all you have to do is stay on topic and post in moderation.   Respect brings respect.   


If you look at the tabs across the top of the page (desktop) you will see that Newsfeed is first, you can get here by being the most recent post on your subscribers feeds, your presence here is very limited unless you boost a post.   The second tab is for top channels which is even harder to attain as it represents the channels who are earning the most interactions (tokens) on a daily basis.   

The next few tabs, however, are much more approachable.  The Blogs tab is where you'll find articles like this one.   In fact, you're likely reading this because I either Boosted it to your feed, or you found it at the top of the blogs tab.  To get your next article to the top of the blog page just go to the blog tab, select "Write a new Blog" and then write a blog.  Write something helpful or informative, or beautiful, or whatever.   Make it genuine and from the heart and people will respond and this will give you yet another way to be found.  

The Images tab is for you photographers, just remember that comments, reminds and upvotes will keep your photogs at the top.  

The videos tab is for anyone making YouTube content, this is a no brainer for y'all.  Just upload your content to minds and then do what you can to get a conversation started, conversations are very important as the more interactions your content gets the higher it will rank.  No conversation = No chance.  And yes, if you tag me I will read/watch and comment.       


Tokens are the cornerstone of this site and the very reason why Minds is so much better than any other social media platform I'm aware of for the following reasons.  You earn tokens every time someone likes, comments, or reminds your activity.  If you like this blog, leave a comment, and remind it I will earn the max amount of tokens I can at one time from your actions.   If you come back tomorrow and then do the same, I will again get the same reward.   

But if you leave 20 comments in a row I would only get credit for the first one, same with likes and reminds.  Minds has gone a long way towards making things as fair as possible while still giving everyone a chance to grow.  You earn the most tokens by getting a lot of people to interact with you, which is the way it should be.  

So now you have a couple tokens... so what?   Each token can be converted into 1,000 impressions which means a boosted post will be seen as people scroll down their timeline, the most obvious example is at the top of your timeline, the carousel content slider at the very top is all boosted content.   You boost a post by finding the post you want and simply hitting the boost button.  A pop up will ask you how many views you want.  If you put in one token it will give 1,000 impressions to your content and so on.  You can do any denomination you want from 500 all the way up to 5,000 views at a time ie. .5 to 5 tokens.   

You can also boost your page to the right sidebar.   Next time you go to the newsfeed (desktop) look to the right and you will see what I mean.   If you go to your profile page and hit the boost button it will boost your page instead of just a single post.  

Post boosts are probably more effective than page boosts but both are powerful and if you're a new channel you should not be hording tokens, you should be spending them.  When my channel was new I was very excited to make one token a day but where would I be had I just horded them?  

I knew that if I invested in my channel then I would earn more and more tokens in the future and I was right.  My record day so far has been around 50 tokens and I assume it will be significantly higher after a year or two more of using Minds.   

Think about it like this.   Go to Facebook or Twitter and check the cost of boosting a post to 50,000 people. 

Yeah, your cheapest price is going to be around $100, likely more.   While our tokens do trade on the block chain, the market is still nearly non existent.  But I do expect this to change, we simply need more users here on Minds.  And the insane censorship of Big Tech will make this easy.  As of the time of this writing the average block chain price for a minds token is about ten cents.   



#Walkaway from Big Tech.          

Sock a few tokens away in case something major happens but otherwise grow your channel and know that the pennies you spend today will be dollar bills tomorrow.      


One of the benefits of earning a lot of tokens is that you can spread them around.   I love supporting new channels who I find interesting.  So don't be afraid to comment on other people's posts if you have something to say.     If something is really good remind it and then tag the original poster with an @ and say thank you, like them and subscribe.  I might be very likely to sub your channel but if you don't interact with me then how will I know that you exist?

Minds has a fantastic community, we're not so massive that we've lost our core... in fact we just came out of Beta a few months ago.  We're likely approaching 4 million users and in the best of all worlds we'll have 10 million by election day.  So we're not such a big site that people won't see your comments and interactions and appreciate them.   People can wire you tokens if they like your channel and they do all the time so interact, it's the best way for other channels to find and support you.   

The big tech giants just want your data at this point and everyone is getting wise, minds is a free speech based platform where your data is encrypted and safe.   

The standard here is that Minds will limit speech where the 1st amendment does.  Otherwise, you can block or down vote.      

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