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5 reasons why Minds will dominate the future of Social Media

CensorshipsucksSep 8, 2018, 6:42:35 PM

If you're reading this it probably means that you're already on #minds and understand just how toxic #BigTech has become.  But you may not understand some of the key points that truly make Minds significantly better than any other current platform available.

1) The Community

The current people using minds have been drawn here by some of the site's biggest users.   People like@Sargon_of_Akkad, @PaulJosephWatson and @StyxHexenHammer have brought hundreds of thousands of their followers with them when they started promoting their minds pages on other networks.   I  remember signing up while watching a Styx video and was hooked right away.   Not only is the community here extremely intelligent, they are mostly proud supporters of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.   The memes are dank and I often find breaking news here before I find it on more traditional media sites.   

Here is a list of channels you might recognize who are all supporting of, and active on Minds.   

# @MarkDice #
## @NoBullshit ##
@Sargon_of_Akkad #
# @StyxHexenHammer #
## @PaulJosephWatson ##
## @blackpigeonspeaks ##
#### @HighImpactFlix ####
## @SeekingTheTruth101 ##
####@CountDankulaTV ####
## @AmericanRevolution ##
#### @JustinAntitheist ####
##### @pressfortruth #####
### @MLChristiansen ###
## @StefanMolyneux ##
### @NeoUnrealist ###
## @TheQuartering ##
## @MisterMetokur ##
# @danielduerst77 #
##@garyfranchi ##
# @RedPillShark #
## @LisaHaven ##
# @LeftistCuck #

Copy and paste this (UPDATED) list into your profile page.

It will make a nice light bulb shape and provide an easy way to keep up with all the top content creators.   

Go to my profile page for updated versions which are all actually linked to their pages.   


2) Internet Bill of Rights

No other site that I am aware of is promoting a bill of rights for the internet.

What do you think?

Minds Bill of Rights

I really like that the rules for censorship must be clear, unambiguous, and follow due process.  

3) Open Source Code

If you're not familiar with this term it means that the source code is open for anyone to read and contribute to, or even use.  If you would like to review the code or contribute you can find it here: https://github.com/Minds

Facebook, twitter, and most other sites are not open source which means that no one can see their code and therefore no one can know how it works.   If one day, god forbid, Minds sees a need to write an algorithm that promotes some posts or hides others then we would all know it and anyone would be able to study it to see exactly how it works.   

Not only that, but someone with some coding skills could take all the code and make a carbon copy of Minds, let's call it Brains.  Brains would have all the features and functions of minds right down to the tokens, encrypted messaging, and everything else.   The only thing it would be missing is users.  Could you imagine FB saying "Sure, Alex.  Here is our source code, feel free to make an exact clone of FB and run it how you see fit" ?     lmao

This also means that if Minds ever started collecting your private data it would be seen in the code.   Because many many people contribute to the code that runs Minds there would have to be broad awareness and  debate before any such change could ever be implemented.   

4) The Token System  

I have nearly 9,000 subscribers at this point and there is no way I would ever have seen that type of growth without the token system.   Basically, every time some likes, comments, or reminds my content I get points.  At the end of the day the points are converted to Minds Tokens which are deposited into my account.  Minds Tokens can then be used to boost your content so more people will see it, one token = 1,000 views.   The very first spot on the newsfeed and the sidebars are places where your boost will appear and trust me, it helps a LOT.  I've probably boosted a thousand posts to nearly a million people in the last year.  That would cost a FORTUNE on Big Tech.  

Also, Minds Tokens have real world value.  I wrote a blog titled "What is the true value of a Minds Token" for more on the subject.  

There is an actual exchange where Minds Tokens are traded online and I have orders placed to buy and sell if they get to my prices.  All it needs is more users so check it out and place an order yourself.        

UPDATE: The Current price of Minds tokens can vary extremely from the prices quoted in this article.

ForkDelta: https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0xb26631c6dda06ad89b93c71400d25692de89c068-ETH

UniSwap:  https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?use=v1

5) Block chain  

Minds tokens trade on the Etherium Network.   Yes, the Minds Tokens that I just got ranting over are an actual Crypto Currency that you can move to the block chain and trade.   How cool is that?    If my channel keeps growing the way it has it is possible that I could potentially make decent money off this site in a year or two's time.   

In fact, you are making actual money right now by using Minds.   Tokens currently trade at about 15 cents or so and you can sell them on the exchange I linked to above.   It may not be a lot, but BigTech would NEVER pay you to provide all their content.  We, the users, are building Minds and we will be rewarded for it daily.   And Minds currently has less than 2 million users, Imagine what your tokens will look like when there are 100 million people here.

In summary, Minds was built with the users in mind.  The people here are all hooked because we understand that the 1st amendment is what decides what you should and should not be able to see online.   We know that open source code prevents people from developing (frantically no doubt) top secret AI bots to censor us.  Minds has earned our loyalty by rewarding us for our interactions and made sure those rewards mean something by integrating our Tokens on the Etherium block chain.   

We are now at a crucial point before the elections where CNN is actively trying to shut down their competitors and Big Tech is only too happy to comply.  I ask everyone who's made it this far to talk about minds with your friends and family.   Make it your mission to get at least one new person a day to understand these 5 benefits and convince them to sign up.  By the end of the year Twitter will be nothing but a bunch of left wing reporters and their sycophants bickering over who to delete next as all their personal data is sold to the highest bidders.   

There is a war on for your #Minds!   

Here, we will win that war.  

#Minds  #MindsTokens  #Crypto  #Censorship  #WalkAway  

GitHub link for the Minds code.   If you would like to review the code or contribute you can find it here:     https://github.com/Minds