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Basic Human Rights according to Libs - Healthcare(Except Fetuses) - Citizenship(Not Russian or Polish) - College(no conservative ideas allowed) - Housing(Excludes MAGA country) - Income(Excludes Rich People. MAGA people should be fired) - Internet(Conservatives can be banned) - Guns(Only for my security team, not for anyone else) - Speech(no, not that speech, the kind I like) - Religion(Not that Crazy Christian stuff) - Press(but not Fox News, that should be banned) - Assembly(not groups I don't like) - Enterprise(not if I don't like what you sell) - Due process(Not for Trump or anyone associated with him) - Presumption of Innocence(Not for Magats) - Democracy(unless you choose wrong) - Safe communities(Don't complain about illegal alien crime, EVER)
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