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A penny for my thoughts.

BrandyNM82Jul 13, 2018, 5:54:52 PM

Things that make you go hmm...

My time here on Minds has me questioning a lot of things as of lately. Mostly the political feel here. Growing up in Texas, I've had my fair share of dividing lines and I myself have been at the receiving end of racists. However, I have never seen people so divided as I do here which is mind- boggling to me. 

I cannot for the life of me understand how people can keep these divides going yet be so aware of what is going on politically. How can someone hate what the last president did but still support a new one? It seems to me that people need to seriously wake up. It doesn't matter what president comes into office, the message remains the same. YOU WILL NEVER BE APART OF THE ELITE! Unless of course you are willing to do some very questionable things. 

Why can't people see that all of these issues you see are intentionally created to divide us even further. People's hate and fear keep them in a constant state of negativity fueling fires and really taking a toll on their own lives. How are there people on here who support hate and what it means, then turn around and cry about how they are being treated badly?! Two wrongs definitely do not make a right and we need to stop blaming everyone else and take ownership of OUR actions. In all actuality, you can only be responsible for your actions at the end of the day; so just because someone did something to you doesn't make it right for you to do something in return to them and then play victim. Will you decide to make life better or hold onto your hate?