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Islamophobia - Sharia Blasphemy

BluehandJun 27, 2019, 3:48:24 PM

I am constantly being called Islamophobic lately, by people online , by our politicians, by Muslims, by the police.

I used to be in chat rooms in the 90’s and was there when the Muslim Brotherhood coined this phrase, it was on ICQ chat I believe which was at the time equivalent to Twitter, no one took any notice to these fringe idiots back then.

Everything changed after September 11 , people started asking who are these Muslims who committed this and why did they do it, the world reeled, in our shocked state we were confused.

When the strike back happened we all stood in disbelief when America launched Operation Crusade against Afghanistan, why Afghanistan we asked? The Terrorist were on the whole Saudis and funded in Saudi Arabia, it was a bit weird at the time, but we were told Osama Bin Laden was in Afghanistan in the cave systems therein , so began a very long and bloody war against Religious fanatics in caves and tents.

You think we won? Well if you call using a 10 million dollar rocket to blow up a 20 dollar tent with a terrorist in it winning, I guess we did.

Then we were dragged into a very bloody war in Iraq , still no repercussions against the Saudis, and there never will be.

Anyway back to this Islamophobia thing then, we already established it was a word made up by the Muslim Brotherhood on a chat system in the 1990s, but what is its purpose?

Its obvious to everyone that your race is a question of nature and can not be chosen, but your religion is a matter of choice and conscience and belief and if a religion is worth believing in, it ought to be strong enough to withstand the most horrid criticism and attacks upon it and its founders.

But Islamophobic?

Well its quite clever really, it in one word diagnoses a mental illness in anyone who criticises Islam or Muslims, all of a sudden you have been judged juried and executed in the eyes of anyone using it as a frothing at the mouth bigot with an irrational fear of a very dangerous political cult.

And its true to say one man's religion is another man's cult, I mean has anyone ever begun to properly to define a religion?

I mean are we saying adherents of Islam have no choice but to join? Are those Muslims in its brethren saying its not their choice to be in it or wear the ridiculous garments in its name?

When I speak out against the barbaric practices of Islam like beheading , torturing, dismembering, sexism , homophobia, stoning , the racism of Arab Muslims including the founder of Islam Muhammed who was incidentally a white man, Am I inciting hatred of that religion?

My Dislike? Extreme dislike? It will very much depend on the person reading this blog.

I would like to show you a couple of verses from the Quran, now I know you will prattle on about all religious scripture has hateful verses but the Quran is quite specific.


22.9 As for the unbelievers, for them garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skins shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods.

And on Christians

They surely are infidels who say god is the third of three; for there is but one god; and if they do not refrain from what they say, a severe punishment shall light on those who are unbelievers.

And on Jews

4.160, 161 Because of the wickedness of certain Jews, and because they turn many from the way of god we have forbidden them good and wholesome foods which were formerly allowed them; and because they have taken to usury, though they were forbidden it; and have cheated others of their possessions, we have prepared a grievous punishment for the infidels amongst them.

On Jews and Christians

Why don't their rabbis and doctors of law forbid them from uttering sinful words and eating unlawful food? Evil indeed are their works. The hand of god is chained up cry the Jews. Their own hands shall be chained up and they shall be cursed for saying such a thing.

5.51 Believers do not take Jews or Christians as friends. They are but one another's friends. If anyone of you takes them for his friends then he is surely one of them. God will not guide evil doers.

You will agree those words are very alarming and directional, but its also true to say there are much worse verses in both the Quran and Hadiths, the 1100 verses of hatred in the Quran include 665 which urge violence, in fact you could say they show an irrational fear and hatred of Jews, Christians, Gays, women, witches, etc, etc.

My point of all this is that if Islamophobia is classed as ‘hate speech’ it must mean banning the reading, in public or private , of a great many passages of the Hadiths and Quran? Surely they commit ‘hate Speech’ ?

It is almost impossible to make a distinction between the freedom to satirise, ridicule, make fun of religion, and the freedom to hold it up to contempt and hatred, something which proponents of making Islamophobia into an offence in law fail to grasp!

I will round of this blog in saying millions of people have died fighting for the freedom to say what they want about religion, and I stand with them not the fascists who would see me silenced for some made up word called Islamophobia translated as ‘Sharia Blasphemy Law’.

Thank you for reading.