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Divide et impera - Divide and conquer

BluehandJun 16, 2019, 10:00:48 PM

Looking at all these anti hate groups popping up all over is amazing, I can't remember there being enough hate in the country to justify one anti hate organisation never mind over thirty.

Lets face it it's a tale as old as time, create division and then exploit it for your own ends or profit, it is attributed to Julius Cesar, The Latin phrase “Divide et impera” used against the Gaul's. It's quite easy to instil dissent in people, you find a divisive subject say Islam or Immigration then pull the victim card , manipulate a few tales and statistics, then set up an organisation to combat the 'Hatred' of people complaining about the divisive subject, then as a person or supporter of the divisive subject you demand and coerce funds to pay for your organisation. As such you have made an industry and movement out of thin air.

This is only the beginning of your industry, you then start training authorities, police, prosecutors, mp's , education systems, and such to your way of thinking before you know it you have power over the public, you have truly conquered, truly put into practice 'Divide et impera' , what you have done is changed the freedoms, the speech, the actions of a nation unchallenged and without anyone democratically electing you or giving you any mandate to do so, this has happened in the UK in the last 6 years.

We now have new laws being formed on so called 'hate speech' and so called 'Phobias' as if within a decade our country has come over with mass mental illness to justify us being labelled as 'phobic' yes frothing at the mouth phobic's. These are driven by the 'thought police' the Anti hate groups.

The trouble is these anti hate groups are now controlling every aspect of your freedoms, and now have begun to control your online activities by putting pressure on Social networks to install report buttons for critique of religion, let's face it how would a God feel about being criticised? surely a religion is open to critique, if not why not?

It has got to a situation where you are walking on eggshells on Social media, where these anti hate groups have the power to wipe your online presence out remove your funding, in fact destroy you online for simply your opinion.

Add to this and if these Anti Hate groups didn't have enough power they are assisted by the most heinous fiends and trolls who go further, they will try to destroy your offline life too, it is so easy for them to do too, they will shame you offline by 'doxing' you (Releasing your details pictures address) or simply call up your work and have you sacked.

If this does not work they will threaten you, threaten your property etc, threaten your family, and don't tell me the anti hate groups are not in full knowledge of this , they are.

So how did all this happen and why did we let it? It's a strange thing really.

ALL anti hate groups are left wing, they as such are entwined with Antifa well known for its violence, they actually enjoy seeing people hounded out of their jobs, beat up , milk shakes thrown on them, it is something they see as right, they have no moral compass and only seek to destroy opposing opinion and speech, you dont comply they wish to destroy you in any way they can.

Can we prevail?

Free speech , freedom of expression only exists now for the left, they may state they want to throw acid on you with impunity, they may assault you and get a lift home by the cops, they may hire a drug addled thug with 5 random idiots and a pitbull to turn up at your address with no police action, you complain or challenge them you are the bad guy and it's YOU who will face police action.

Society has been brainwashed, the police no longer stand for the victim and will happily escort a gang of Muslim thugs to stone you, they care not one bit if you are so called 'Right wing' and are assaulted, threatened or harassed, you do not matter, all that matters is that Muslims and leftists are secure and safe no matter what they do they never seem to face action.

I am therefore fearful of our future in the UK , I fear people will react to all this in a most terrible way, that something will give, in a most horrible way, in a war no one wins.