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Why Rate Limiting is Stupid

Bigby LupoFeb 11, 2020, 6:38:03 AM

      This has probably never happened to you and you may be asking 'What is the big deal Bigby?' and if that is your position then you got some nerve there buddy. According to the good folks at Minds Help & Support once you have either delivered 2000 upvotes or 200 comments you get throttled on your ability to express yourself on more content. Now you may be thinking that is an awful lot but if you would allow me a moment to make my case I will show that no it really isn't. 

     Minds allows us to subscribe up to 5000 peeps and if you have nothing else to do in your life you can scroll endlessly while waiting for pizza deliveries at regular intervals. So if you want to spread some love to the great creators, aggrigators, and shit-posters you have in your electronic Rolodex then you will only be able to give 2/5 of those you subbed to one upvote each and the other 60% well they can just go to hell. 

     I suspect that this is to help combat bot accounts trying to game the system but I've been here producing original content for 3 years now, don't I get a pass? I even got one of those snazzy little blue badges. There's got to be some kind of Jedi mind trick the Minds staff can do to the algorithm something akin to "Bigby Lupo is not the account you're looking to rate limit." I for one liked the pay for play system but I'm old fashioned and with the reactions I get I don't have to pay to boost anymore but still. 

     What do you think? Am I way off base, just a spoiled last child who needs everything his way or am I making a valid although not completely sober point with this? No, yeah, let's fight bots... all that but with some long time user who is obviously thought a real person by both founders even, maybe we let them go upvote crazy every now and then? The world is a lot cooler when we spread the love.