Ancient gray haired naked rebel and activist always looking to better the Human condition. Dreaming about what could be. Lifting the veil on the imposed illusion. Only a few will survive the depopulation wars fought by the (self proclaimed) 'Chosen Ones'. Only a few will survive the mindfuck. Maybe some of the stuff I write or share will be of some value (to you). I share it out of love knowing Mankind deserves so much better.
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Serves those dumb hoarders right I'd say. But unintentionally, the meme illustrates very clearly HOW a population could be infected with anything at will. Imagine that food favored by senior citizens is spiked with something to hasten their demise? Oreo cookies maybe? Would achieve a massive cut in health care spending and no one will ever know. Or will they? Be forewarned, cause that's the plan....
The germ THEORY everyone seems to believe in has been thoroughly discredited when we discovered millions of bacteria and viruses in our GUT and found that those critters were of vital importance for our physical and mental well being' Instead of Antibiotics that act like a nuclear weapon and destroy your biome choose to build your immune system making sure you have adequate levels of those elements needed to build your natural defenses like Vit C, D3, B12, B1, A, zinc, selenium combined with an immune building diet. But don't worry about washing your hands before dinner. George Carlin puts the case forcefully but with his characteristic wit and humor.
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