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The Energy Boomerang

iAmBalanceOct 31, 2019, 7:31:05 AM

I’d like to share with you an idea which could perhaps provide a reason why energy seems to retaliate whenever it exists in abundance in any particular form. It is possible that it is an expectation from the participants point of view. We perceive our world through a combination of our observations and physical senses. Reality is not an experience brought to us externally and without our consideration. That which we perceive and experience is not processed data from our environment. How we interpret that data is driven from within our own individual awareness. Our senses draw information from our surroundings, our mind then gathers that information and from it manifests a definition for what is accepted as real. All of this being presented to our conscience mind through extrapolations which take place solely in our brain. So it would stand to reason that our interpretive process is the culprit when we find ourselves experiencing a relative set of circumstances which we deem unfavorable. Perhaps it’s our mind’s propensity for balance that is the key. When balance is augmented too far out of alignment, we may subconsciously over-compensate by defining a set of interpretations as opposing that which is causing the imbalance.

Simply put, it is by design that when an abnormal amount of congruent energy is present, no matter how that energy interpreted, it is likely that an equal and opposite flow of non-congruent energy can be expected as a result.

We are then left with the lingering question of karma and its role in this overall equalization of opposing energies. Working under the assumption that we all share consciousness on an interactive level, I would hypothesis that karma may actually be a larger correction to the construct of that conscience system. In the scenario mentioned above, over time, a true imbalance or exhaustion of the construct may occur. Karma would in effect issue a reset on a larger scale. Perhaps this happens once the balance can no longer be recovered on an interpretive level. Such an imbalance, if it were to exist too long, would leave the internal process in a counter intuitive state. This could be a possible explanation for quick and decisive good fortune to one who has experienced a long and unjustified misfortune. This would also hold true if the types of energy were reversed.

In all truth, these theories aren’t based on any tangible or provable data or research. I make no claim that these ideas are absolute or bear any resemblance to the truth. They very well may be wildly inaccurate. But they are in fact ideas. I believe that the validity of an idea is sometimes less important than the process by which that idea is brought into existence. It’s nothing more than a mental exercise. One that should be used to allow our mind a critical moment to try and find the logic which is hidden all around.

Author: Jason O. Haynie

Date Written: June 12th, 2014