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New Theory of Everything entry in #BAUniC2018

Presented to youtube and minds.com audiences, well received by people who love to tear down idiocy, but not welcomed by the academics, of course,, we are proud to present the newest competitor in #BAUniC2018, "MandelbrotSet as a Quasi Black Hole" by Fractal Woman!

'Building A Universe Competition' #BAUniC is always cheering for progress in understanding the fractal base of reality. And this hits so sweetly where we wish it to hit. Our physics could be a part of the Mandelbrot set, with dimensions and forces being emergent properties. It also makes the issue finding where physics and cosmos are, shifting from formula, for example Nima's Amplituhedron, to address within the formula.

Which also brings up the issue of how to clearly determine where to define which projects qualify to the full rendering output - and while not urgent because this is still a project of passion - it is still very necessary when the first prize is more than a chewing gum. With the prospect of automating the process in a blockchain contract of voters and competitors, it may be crucial to qualify or disqualify projects with strict criteria. We are not doing it for coin, but others will, and, even if, there is nothing wrong with that. So, maybe any address usable in any Mandelbrot-set-rendering-program can, and should qualify. And maybe this is the ideal resolution since the whole purpose of #BAUniC is to make easier to pass from hunching to seeing it rendered, and hooray for those thinking in Mandelbrot terms and extracting useful predictions about the universe from it.

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