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The Starshatter series

Attila_The_HunMay 21, 2020, 11:12:22 AM

Attention Sci-fi fans! Reading the latest book of Black Knight „Final Liberation“ has inspired me to write a review on the whole series (so far) and the latest book in particular. Without further ado, here is my review:

Four hundred pages of epic storytelling! This is, in my opinion, the best book in the series so far, maybe even better than „Secrets of Lothoria“. I am going to avoid spoilers, as much as I can, and focus on some key points, showcasing Black Knight's enormous talent as a futurist, without going in too great a detail:

1. The storyline focuses as much on the crew of „Starshatter“ and captain Anit'za, as on his nemesis – count Omasa and his crew. This is a novel approach, as far as I know, in storytelling. You get to understand the bad guys, their thoughts and motivations, as much as the good guys. This is true for the whole series, not this book alone. „Starshatter“ is the story of both the good and the evil parties and that is what fascinates me!

2. Black Knight has a keen sense for sci-fi and a technological imagination you rarely see. He is somehow able to go in depth on technical details (weapons, armor, shields, spaceship specs, etc.) and not only keeping you interested, but also bringing joy to your inner nerd with ease. These details enrich your understanding and help you create a clear mental image of the situation at hand.

3. Amazing tactics of all space and ground battles! Yes, this is important to me. If your soul was deeply hurt by the pure idiocy of the Disney Star Wars “trilogy”, or even the last season of Game of Thrones (for the fans of medieval warfare – check out book V - „Secrets of Lothoria“), this book will bring joy to your life. No spoilers, but most battles in the book are pretty close.

4. Character development is top notch! Our main characters are getting better and more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, but so are the bad guys! We find a wizened Count Omasa, who has become even deadlier a foe. Everything he does is not only well calculated, but he rarely falls prey to overconfidence. The scariest enemy is such who learns from our heroes!

5. What to expect from book VI: Update on our beloved Zarjana :), a new highly corrupt but also capable Taz'aran, who may or may not be aligned with count Omasa, an insight into the Taz'aran justice system (highly entertaining), Nedal's troubles, ancient lost technology, amazing battles, duels and much, much more.

I wholeheartedly recommend buying book VI „Final Liberation“, but not before buying and reading all previous 5 books of this amazing series!

Links to all books:

 Book I „Starshatter“ 

Book II „Twin Suns of Carrola“

Book III „Treads of Vengeance“

Book IV „Von Braun's Gambit“

Book V „Secrets of Lothoria“

Book VI „Final Liberation“

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