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The girls who cried rape.

AragmarOct 2, 2018, 12:45:58 PM

Once upon a time, in a distant land, there lived girls and knights, together, inside a walled city. The city was safe, protected by the knights, who built giant walls around it and fought off the monsters which besieged it from time to time.

Although there were some bad knights and girls, generally the two groups lived in peaceful harmony. There was a girl, who, scorned by a drunken knight, desired revenge. She plotted and connived until one day, covered by bruises and scratches, the girl cried "Rape!".

To the group of white knights who ran to her rescue, she told a tearful tale, and, with her shaking finger, pointed at the knight who denied her advances. So enraged were the white knights! Virtuous and brave they were, all of them. With their white, shining armor glistening in the sun, they scoured the city looking for the "bad" knight. Soon after they found him, tipsy as he was, the lad denied he had wronged that girl, though he was attacked and killed where he stood regardless.

At first, the girl was a little bit shocked. Then, in her mind, she instantly compiled a list of every knight who had in some way or another, wronged her. And so she waited. And plotted. After a month had passed, the girl stood at the city's central square, dress torn and face bruised. Once again the girl cried "Rape!".

The dutiful white knights, chased after the man whom she pointed at, and in their virtuous, thoughtless rage, they murdered him. The girl was ecstatic. Sure, she had to spend a lot of gold coins to buy another dress and beat herself bloody, but the white knights believed and supplied her with all the coins she asked for.

Soon that one girl was joined by others. The new girls spoke, meekly at first, then emboldened, cried louder! They pointed to the white knights who came running to their rescue, knights whom they accused of terrible misdeeds. The girls cried "Rape!" together, as one!

And so the safe and prosperous city rang with the cries of many a girl. Its streets were running daily with knightly blood. The sounds of armor and weapons clashing woke everyone up first thing in the morning. That, or the girls who cried "Rape!"

There were rising concerns among the silent girls; too many knights were being murdered. Some girls entertained the thought that not all knights were guilty. Though when they gathered at the city square to discuss this, a girl came to represent the crying ones. She vehemently stated with a tearful, trembling voice: 

"If innocent knights have to die for ALL evil ones to be punished, that is a price all of us girls must be willing to pay!"

Many of the girls were wary, but still, they kept quiet. And so the other girls continued to cry "Rape!". Since most knights that weren't white were already slain, the girls pointed their fingers at their virtuous allies, their very defenders. The white knights then, in their fury, battled amongst themselves, killing many of their order. The girls watched from the sides and... laughed.

Those of the white knights who survived that day, changed. Their shining armor was covered with rust now, the blood they'd spilled tarnished and cracked its polish. It seeped deep into the steel, and soon they were wearing white armor no longer, but Red. The cries of those whom they'd murdered tortured their minds during the night, denying them respite. And an hour soon came, when their virtue turned into sorrow and anguish; for they slowly realized that the knights whom they've been killing were not guilty. They decided to stop acting before thinking. Then the girls cried "Rape!".

Yet, this time, few white knights came to the rescue and they were asking suspicious questions. The girls were livid. How dare the knights not believe them? They were victims, damsels in distress! This time the knights didn't charge at their targets but investigated instead. Then they walked away in silence, gritting their teeth in anger.

Then the city was besieged. Without enough knights to defend its walls, it was overwhelmed by the monstrous hordes. A wave of horrid beasts swarmed the streets, slaughtering everyone in their path. No one was spared by the creatures, as they hast no mercy - both knights and girls were killed in their hundreds. Then, as quick as they had invaded, the creatures left.

The city burned for days without end. Its once safe and beautiful streets were covered with decaying bodies. The stench of death, soot, and molten steel suffocated many. Some time passed and slowly, the city recovered. Yet its luster was lost, and there were white knights guarding its walls no longer. Despite everything that happened, all of the ruination their city had suffered, death and destruction - the girls were still crying "Rape!".

While the girls were crying, others, who were abused by the few, truly evil knights, had suffered in silence. They lived forgotten, alone, weeping in the dark, shuddering, and covered with bruises. Each painful memory was a scar, forever branding their very souls. Some of the tortured girls escaped their dungeons and spoke with the silent ones. Those who kept their mouths shut while the girls cried "Rape!".

Enraged, they decided to finally act. Together, they chased and found each and every one of the crying girls. The next morning there were girls crying "Rape!" no longer. They were all hanging from their necks, each with a wooden tablet on their person labeling them a "Liar".

With the cries silenced, the other girls who for so long had refused to act, thought the troubles plaguing their city over. They were wrong, for the actions that all of them partook in came too late to change the city's fate. Their fate.

Though the monstrous hordes never returned, the city slowly rotted away. Its knights, with armors and souls corroded by rust and guilt, had retreated, and kept their distance from all girls. To their horror, the girls soon found that no knight would come to their defense, even if they were crying as loudly as they could. For no knight would believe the girls any longer.

They were left to the mercy of those few, evil knights, to be abused without end, or hope of salvation. And so their pains grew. Tortured daily, chained to the walls of dark, cold dungeons, the girls cried "Rape!" for real.

Nobody believed them.

Nobody came to their aid.

Nobody cared.

Then the girls died one by one - the cold, silent darkness being their only witness.