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The fish whisperer

AragmarOct 7, 2018, 5:36:11 PM

Many know him as @Fishman, my friend who is a dedicated fisherman and photographer to boot. Sneaking up upon the unsuspecting (and sometimes dangerous) flying, buzzing or crawling critters from down under that we all learned to avoid. Or simply marvel at from a distance. Seriously, the level of skill required to fish fishies and take all of those wonderful pictures leaves me in awestruck. Check one of the many photographs that this man has posted here on @Minds!

Sneaky little bugger. I am assured he is paid enough with worms.... smart Fishman, real smart.

But as you all continue to explore and enjoy his content, you might notice that the man has posted more than a couple of blogs related to fishing. Check this one here and... here and even more here. Wait, no... there is more - check the newest one here. But despite his strong fish whispering skills one little fishie told me that the lets them go. I mean, Fishman, being the wonderful coffee giving a person that he is, feeds the fish and then... releases them!

Happy, well-fed fish!

But what brings home the bacon, at least here on @Minds is how you interact with the community and most of all - its newest members. I am speaking, of course, about the young channels who are new to @Minds and may or may not know how to use the interface. This is where my fish whispering friend shines the best! Check out this wonderful blog where he writes about how you can write a... blog! Another of his instructive blogs which I (and many other of my newest subscribers) found extremely motivating and instructing - How to build a successful channel blog on @Minds. 

This may or may not be the master of fish whispering himself.

It is my honor, nay privilege, to honorably shill for my friend on this Shill Sunday:  @Fishman (The Fish Whisperer, Master of sneaking up on unsuspecting ducks and photographing them, Friend of Crows and Ravens) amongst his other titles (No, I won't forget dashing, handsome and the salt of the earth...this time)

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