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Starshatter: An introduction to the series

AragmarJan 21, 2019, 4:37:01 PM

Many years ago (eleven to be exact), when my alternative history universe, now known as Starshatter was taking shape in my mind, I had only a vague idea of what I was going to do. Back then, my day job was dull, repetitive and the people I worked for, (with few, yet notable exceptions) were not the best at what they did. I had to occupy my mind with something interesting or go completely insane. Just like many others before me, when I had an interesting idea, I made sure to take a precise note of it. Sometimes I used the small notebook which I carried inside my pocket. A couple of times I've had to use napkins and scribble on random pieces of cardboard. In time the universe of Starshatter grew into what you are (hopefully) reading now. 

Cats and dogs are our friends but they can also be our teachers too. 

The more I worked, the more I felt I've touched something elusive, a nostalgic vibe, that was sorely missing in my life at the time. I learned from others who were much more experienced than me, read a lot of books and made a lot of improvements upon my character and scene drafts. The story line ebbed and flowed, twisted in many directions. Subplots were introduced and then became book drafts; blogs like The Veteran, BulliedReviewing Tanks, or Sunrise over Sirius will introduce to the readers some of my future Starshatter books and their characters. It was long and hard work but in the end, the entire plot of the decalogy was complete. The draft for my first book Starshatter was finished mid-summer of 2017. At the time, an old acquaintance of mine introduced me to an aging critic and after she was done with me, I had to rewrite the whole thing basically from the start. Despite my serious health issues, I published it February 2018. Obviously, it was far from perfection but considerably better, thanks to the sage advice I got from that critic. Starshatter's wild, perilous journey had started.

The battles were easy to imagine, but really hard to write.

During the whole of 2018, I managed to stay super productive and finished the draft for my second book - Twin Suns Of Carrola. Learning from my previous mistakes, it was a better-polished product. I used what was left of 2018 to tirelessly toil over my third book of the Starshatter series - Treads Of Vengeance. Despite some hiccups along the way, I published it before New Year's Eve. Thanks to the selfless help of my friends, I improved its formatting and used most of January 2019 to polish all of my books more. Now all three books are completely refurbished and available on Amazon for a much lower price than before. That is true for both the Kindle editions and Paperbacks. My time on @Minds was also productive. I managed to post multiple blogs with loads of free content to better flesh out my alternative history universe. My Spaceship blog series is a must-have for those of my readers who are still hungry for Starshatter content. My Current year blog series will provide you with even more Starshatter goodness - I intend to write one for each of the Nation states that still exist on my alternative version of Earth. For your listening pleasure, one of our very own @Minds voice artists @MisterBrushface voiced all of my spaceship blogs, so visit his channel and check him out! Meanwhile, a bunch of my friends (@VaudevilleVerne @AdeptusAzule and @Zuviel) here on @Minds, decided to let me GM a Starshatter d&d game for them. This is the first, second, third and fourth episodes, all available on @AdeptusAzule youtube channel. He also started a chapter by chapter video review series, which you can see here: Starshatter chapter 1; Starshatter chapter 2

My fourth book, Von Braun's Gambit, you can find on Amazon here.

Secrets Of Lothoria, my fifth book you can purchase on Amazon here.

To those of you who feel inclined and are able to support me, this is my Patreon account. Every little bit helps and will make more of my work available for your reading pleasure! :D