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Indie content creators

AragmarSep 20, 2018, 1:52:31 PM

Let's face it - lately, almost all of the original content comes out from under the fingers (and minds) of indie authors. Giants like Hollywood have long lost the intellectual base needed to create anything of worth. Mired by scandal after scandal, they mercilessly abuse those writers who still brave this treacherous PC swamp, in the vain hope they'd finally reach calm shores. 



Remember kids, they are doing this to themselves.


Eventually they will fall; all who forget their fan base, or worse yet, viciously bite the very hand that feeds them do. The vain hope in appeasing the false god of Political correctness and its "throngs" of intellectually challenged followers is just that - hope. The SJW warriors produce nothing but void of imagination content. Worse yet, they adopt previously successful IP's, deconstruct and then "re-create" them in their image, of course. The phrase "Get Woke and Go Broke" comes to mind, as everyone can attest to the poor state of all entertainment industries that the proud, progressive SJW's have invaded. Comics, movies and video games are suffering more than ever now. Always triggered by something, someone and even the thought of being triggered triggers them. Their constant search for more things to be offended by and, of course, desire to censor such things promises a rather bleak future. A future that is almost completely devout of anything even remotely entertaining. That might offend somebody's fee-fees you know!



The perpetually triggered, always offended SJW's.


There is a glimmer of hope. However small it is, the future of our favorite entertainment mediums can be wrestled out of the SJW's rotting clutches yet. Many illustrators, comic artists, fiction authors, and game developers are trying hard to save what we love and provide us with escape from the dreary reality of everyday life! All indie creators have one thing in common - they are largely unknown and most, if not all, short on cash. I am not telling you here to throw money at everyone mind you. It is always the customer's choice of who they'd wish to support with their hard earned cash. 



Remember, Indie creators are entirely self-funded!


My plea is the following - when you find a creator you like or think that has potential - please spread the word by any means that are available to you. This is why Customer Reviews are crucial to any Indie author's survival on the big platforms - like Amazon.com for example. Your contribution may not be direct, nor immediate, but through your voice, the work of this Indie creator will reach others. Others, who in your stead could support them financially. That exposure you've just created for them is worth all of your words and the seconds it took for you to type them. It is worth more than you'll ever know. 

One simple sentence, a short comment can do wonders! It might even be the difference between your favorite Indie creator being able to put food on their table and paying their bills.



Reviews are important!