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"Content is Power, promote it well!"

AragmarSep 29, 2018, 9:15:29 PM

Most of you who already know me understand that I am all about promoting the little guy. Or gal. It matters not to me who they are, only the quality of their content does. So far I am thoroughly enjoying my time here on #Minds (please do not lie to yourself, you know you want to too) as I am sure that most of you are having a blast all day, every day. For now, let us marvel at the wondrous details of this here 3D axe. 

It boggles my mind how anyone would NOT desire to have this, instead of some other, boring 3D model...

As you have already gathered I am going to shamelessly promote (without even the tiniest shred of remorse) one of our newest Minds content creators @Darkminaz, who is a freelance 3D artist with degrees in programming and game design. For more than six years already, @Darkminaz has been creating a whole bunch of wonderfully detailed 3D models. You can explore some of his varied content here and also here

Swords! How could you not like swords? Do yourself a favor and visit his site!

What else can I say? As a writer myself, I am sometimes greatly inspired by visual stimuli. Just by viewing the mountain of content that this guy has created over the years makes my brain scream in delightful agony, and as my eyes feast upon each individual model I soon find myself clicking on my ideas folder and opening a new file... 

In conclusion - do yourself a favor and visit this site - you need to commission your own, unique piece today! Of course, not everyone does need a 3D model in this particular moment, though one might soon find in a situation when they do. Therefore it might be prudent to bookmark his site, and oh, do not forget to subscribe to @Darkminaz!

Our newest Minds group is open for individuals who share our devotion to the Warhammer 40k universe. They can be somewhat (or more than maniacally) devoted.

"Blessed be the crazy minds which are constantly creating original content!"

By Dark Knight