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What I want to see in the next Elder Scrolls game.

Animeman73Jul 19, 2019, 8:08:10 PM

Hello, everyone, Animeman73 here. I’m trying a little something different. This will be a departure from my usual fictionalized accounts of the games I play. This will be a straight up commentary on a particular game franchise I like. I hope this proves to be as entertaining to read as my fictionalized accounts my games have been. This commentary will focus, mainly, on what I want to see in the next Elder Scrolls game.

Author's Note: if you haven't played Skyrim yet, be warned, there will be some spoilers.

I make it no big secret I’m an Elder Scrolls fan. I’ve been playing the games since I first bought Oblivion.

Oblivion, where my Elder Scrolls love affair started.

I’ve enjoyed playing it, Morrowind, and most definitely Skyrim. 

I've played a  little Elder Scrolls II: Morrowind, good game.

Skyrim, an absolute favorite.

I love the games and the infinite potential for the character based on the choices the player makes. It’s really great stuff. Bethesda, in least in my humble opinion, has done a great job with the series in spite of the funny quirks.

However, in fairness, there are some things that I have to point out before we get to Elder Scrolls game. And to the good people at Bethesda understand that I say these not to attack you, not to disrespect you, but to help you think about things. And special thanks to Jeremy from the Quartering, Geeks & Gamers, and Yong Yeah among others for keeping us in the gaming public in the loop on things.

Sorry, Bethesda, but I have to call you out when you're not doing right by the gamers.

Bethesda, I’ll be honest, when it came to Fallout 76 you guys blew it and you blew it big time! 

You really botched up on Fallout76!

Whether it was the shoddy half-finished game, the developers room that you never bothered to close, the fiasco with the canvas bag that turned out to be flimsy nylon instead of more sturdy burlap, or the Nuka Rum which came in a cheap plastic bottle instead of the Glass bottle as was promised.

You promised to put the Nuka Rum in a glass bottle not plastic, You broke your promise, not a good business tactic!

Also, the decision to put the game on your own platform rather than on Steam, and perhaps GOG.com, in my opinion, was a mistake! You put out a lot of people when you did that. Open yourselves up to Steam and GOG. The facts of matters are you antagonized a lot of customers with what happened involving Fallout 76 and you’re going to need to do a huge ton of groundwork to rebuild that confidence and trust with the customers. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it will be a Herculean task. But the fact remains Bethesda you need to do better! I genuinely believe you can do better than this, much, much better than this!

Work hard and rebuild that trust with the customers, do that and you’ll find yourself once again at the top of the pile as a respected and trusted name in gaming. More importantly listen to your customers, a company that actually listens to its customers is more likely to survive.

Now with that being said. Let me speak out on what I’d like to see Bethesda do in the Elder Scrolls game to make it better.

1. Make the Aldmeri Dominion the big bad guys of the next game.

While Alduin was pretty powerful in Skyrim, and the main bad guys in the expansion pack were most certainly no pushover either. In the College at Winterhold and briefly throughout the game, including with the quest to break into the Dominion embassy we got only brief glimpses to see the kind of really big bad guys the Aldmeri Dominion and the Thalmor had the potential to be.

The Aldmeri Dominion, these guys NEED to be the big bad guys in the next game.

More than anything I want to see the Aldmeri Dominion be the big bad guys of the next Elder Scrolls game. I’ve also read that there are books on the Elder Scrolls Lore which show just what kind of horrible vile pricks the Aldmeri Dominion really are. Based on the lore and what was briefly seen in Elder Scrolls V, I think they should be the big bad guys so the player character can either win the game in such a fashion that the Dominion is crippled to the point it can be taken down, or have the player character personally take down the Aldmeri Dominion once and for all!

The Dominion and the Thalmor have the potential for such grand wickedness!

Considering all they’ve done it would be just so delicious to the Elder Scrolls players if they could get the chance to really cripple or all out destroy the Aldmeri Dominion once and for all. Or for those who might take a different approach have the player character actually join the Aldmeri Dominion as a member if you happen to be a certain type of Elf. 

You could join the Thalmor/Aldmeri Dominion if you're a certain type of Elf...and become as scummy as them.

2. Restoration of the faith of Talos.

Now I realize that other than Skyrim Talos worship has never been very big. However, I think it would be great that in a land outside of Skyrim, yet still in the Empire of Tamriel, there be a quest to restore the faith of Talos to the world. Maybe by visitation from a Talos Priest or an appearance from Talos himself to charge the player character with restoring his following.

Restore his faith to the world, brother or sister! Praise Talos!

I’ve read enough Elder Scrolls Lore about the White-Gold Covenant to know this. While Tidus Mede II may have thought he was saving the Empire by agreeing to it, the decision to sign the Covenant and outlaw Talos worship was a mistake! What it did is it robbed the Empire of an important aspect of it and helped contribute to the division in the Empire.

Tidus Mede II, his decision to sign the White-Gold Covenant with the Dominion was a mistake!

So yeah making the restoration of the faith of Talos a major quest if not the main quest is a great idea, I think. Not to mention, having the faith of Talos back would throw it in the faces of the Aldmeri Dominion and the Thalmor. And that’s just fine by me!

3. Resurrection of the Mages Guild.

Restoration of the Mages' Guild? Hmmm...

Again, good thing I’ve read some of the Elder Scrolls Lore. I found out after the events of Elder Scrolls IV AKA the Oblivion Crisis that the Mages Guild was disbanded. Another move that I think was a mistake. While I understand why the Mages Guild was broken up, I also think it was a short-term solution to the long-term problem of magical misuse on the world of Mundas. Magic is a tool. It can used for both good and evil depending on the user.

Yes the Red Dawn cult and Necromancers misused magic...but was it really necessary to dismantle the Mages' Guild because of pricks like this?

So, for the next Elder Scrolls game, I think a great faction quest should be the restoration of the Mages Guild. And since restoration quests in any fantasy game can be potentially Herculean in nature, Bethesda has a golden opportunity to make a Mages Guild quest line that is absolutely epic in nature, with some nifty magical artifacts that could turn the player character into a magical demolition machine.

If Bethesda plays the Mages Guild restoration quest right with a Mage, Battlemage, or custom class, the Player character can become a force of nature to be reckoned with!

Also, Bethesda could afford to make the Mages Guild quest longer. No offense but as good as the College of Winterhold was, it was also a little on the short and not all that satisfying side. Not to mention, the idea of restoring the Mages Guild would give the player character a real feeling of accomplishment.

As fun as the College of Winterhold quest was...Bethesda could have made it longer and meatier.

4. Bring back Faction specific items.

Now falling in line with the Number 3 thing I want to see, I like the idea of bringing back Faction specific Items. I’ve seen some of the faction items in both Morrowind and Oblivion and there were really good.

Imagine if the FIghter's Guild or Mages' Guild In Skyrim had handed out pwoerful things like this upon completeing quests.

No offense against Skyrim, which was a great game, but I miss faction specific Items. There were some really great things that could really help the player character take their chosen profession or professions to incredible new levels of greatness. 

Even simple Magical RIngs in the Elder Scrolls games can sometimes make all the difference.

I really like that, and I think we should see those return in the next Elder Scrolls game. They would make being part of the various factions a lot more rewarding.

5. The Dark Brotherhood vs. The Morag Tong!

Now here’s an idea that I think will surprise a lot of people. I want to see the return of the Morag Tong in the next Elder Scrolls game. However, as creepy as they were, I liked the Dark brotherhood and what they were about. 

I want the Dark brotherhood back too.

A player character who likes to be sneaky assassin-type would absolutely jump at the chance to choose between two assassin factions.

Granted the two sides would have some differing quests but they could also have intermingling quests where the character has to complete certain tasks before the other guild does or better still while thwarting the other guild. And have it all conclude with the two guilds having it out a in an assassin’s gang war of some kind.

Set the Morag Tong and Dark Broterhood at each others' throats, and you have an Assassin Player Character's biggest fantasy!

I think a lot of player characters would relish the chance for that kind of bloodshed, death and mayhem. Just make sure that both guilds pay as well as the Dark Brotherhood did in Skyrim. I think a rivalry between the two guilds could add some real flair to the game.

6. Keep the marriage system from Skyrim, but add more family options please.

Okay I’ll be the first to tell you I loved the marriage options in Skyrim. They were great! There were plenty of Bachelors and Bachelorettes to choose from. So, whatever direction your character swung in Skyrim there was a little something for everyone in the game.

Who will your character take the plunge with?

I do think that with the family, while I like the idea you can adopt kids, we could possiblly try having kids the old-fashioned way in the game if you know what I mean. I think I would add a new element to the game, because the Player Character or the female spouse of the character, at least when it’s a heterosexual marriage. As I said it’s just a thought.

As great as adopting kids was...let's try having kids the old-fashioned way hint, hint. nudge, nudge, nuff said.

7. Harness the creative power of the modders.

For maximum profit and maximum epicness unleash the power of the modders!

There is a thriving Modder community in the Elder Scrolls fandom. If Bethesda is smart, they should learn to harness the power of those creative people. How? By going to them in good faith and talking to them, finding out which modders are the best of the best,  offering them up some sweet employment opportunities, and giving them creative leeway.

Good pay + Creative leeway for Modders = A better quality product and lots of profit!

Why, two words creative advantage,.  Bethesda needs to hire modders and gives them leeway to be as creative as they want with the game. Remember these are  people who know the Elder Scrolls world and the canon to the point they love it. If Bethesda does this what they’ll get is a better-quality product that will be more unit sales for them. And for God's sake no microtransactions!

8. Hearthfire 2.0

I am well-aware some people weren’t the biggest fans of Hearthfire. But me, I actually liked it, I actually found it to be a great addition top Skyrim. I took the whole idea of getting a house in the game and took it to the next level. Building one’s own house really makes something extra special. However, there are ways that I think Hearthfire could be improved on.

Hearthfire was great...but there is room for improvement.

I like the idea of having some resources close by, but I also like the idea of making some resources, namely lumber, a little more difficult. Say, you have to do something for the mill owner, get something that got lost or stolen, or perhaps there are some bandits that need to be dealt with. The possibilities are endless.

Let's make egttimber a little mroe difficult, and potentially more profitabel for the chacrter.

Secondly, I think this would be an added perk for becoming leader of one or more of the factions in the game. Once you become leader if you have a home, your faction or factions send people to your home for varying purposes.

For the Fighter’s Guild: They send some of their best warriors to be the security for your family. Just let some bandits try and kidnap your wife or husband  and kids when you got some of these burly warriors at the ready!

Just let some bandits try and kidnap the wife or husband  and kids with some these burly warriors watching!

For the Mages Guild: You get sent a practitioner of theirs who can help with a range of tasks from brewing medicines and protective potions to helping with enchantment of weapons and such.

Imagine if you will having your own household wizard at your beck and call.

For the Thieves Guild: You have a cave underneath your house which can serve as a refuge for your people when they need to lay low after accomplishing a job or something went wrong. Also, it can serve as a place where goods that are smuggled can be stored for a while.

For the Theives Guild, a nice cave to hide people and ill-gotten goods beneath the home works wonders!

The benefit of the Assassin faction be it Dark Brotherhood or Morag Tong: I think this is one of the best ideas of all. This was actually inspired by a certain gun-toting maid from Black Lagoon.

Imagine if you will having in your house a maid or butler who can cook, clean...and kill!

Basically, the Assassin guild you run sends one of their best members to your house to serve as a butler or maid. Now that’s what I call service, someone who can cook, clean, and kill when needed.

Also, as I said earlier, I like the idea of being able to adopt two children but I also like the idea of characters who are a heterosexual couple being able to have children by more natural means. It would provide a new element of complexity to the game.

9. Bonuses based on units sold.

This is an idea that, in all honesty, I can’t take the credit for. Raging Golden Eagle, a YouTube and Bitchute content creator, in one of his many times criticizing mainstream gaming media, as they so richly deserve to be, mentioned the idea of this. Instead of giving bonuses based on the number of good reviews of the game, give bonuses based on units sold.

Give bonuses based on units sold  and break the chains of mainstream gaming media!

That’s a very economical way to get employees to create a better-quality product. If Bethesda has employees working on games knowing their bonuses are based on how many units get sold, chances are they’ll go out of their way to create a better-quality product. Thus, ensuring the game has more sales…and a juicier bonus. I liked this idea a lot. Big shout out to Raging Golden Eagle.

10. Bring back the original creation system.

Now the character creation for Skyrim was pretty good but some thought it was perhaps a little dumbed down too much. With Morrowind and Oblivion the major abilities were what defined the character.

The original character creation system is still viewed by many as the best.

In Skyrim you could just have every ability go up to 100 and basically be a God in the game. Meanwhile in Oblivion and Morrowind the minor abilities took forever to get to 100. It seems to me the older character creation system including creating a custom class would really help.

The Skyrim system was good...but a little on the overly simplistic side.

But this is just my opinion. What do you think? Let’s start a conversation in the comments section below. Do you agree, do you disagree with anything, do you think I missed something? Let’s talk about this.

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