Yup yup. Drop that zero and get with the hero. Time for Anime yo. #anime #cuntsmasher #music #earjuice I'm on YouTube. 12k subs with parody altright music and other shit.
Hey yo. Time for a serious chat. I made this as a 'Fuck You' to the media. Like James Mathews said these words so I'll transform his speech and turn it into exactly what their narrative is against. It's a total joke, making James Mathews commit Gross Offense with his own words. I was fairly happy with the outcome (could have fixed the eqs, etc) and went over to show my friend, however when I showed it to him I all of sudden heard it from another perspective. The song wasn't just Jame Mathews cut up and looped, but transformed into it's own song singing about gassing Jews. I decided not to upload it just in case it caused some big bullshit that I don't need in my life. Getting millions of views hasn't changed my life at all. It doesn't mean anything. I really hoped James Mathews would at least see this and Count Dankula, but I just don't know if I should try. I have other tracks in the works. If I release them it will probably be through obscure back doors like here where the humor will be understood. Share and use it how you like. Oh Well here it is on a small channel on Minds. @Anime presents: James Mathews (Feat. Count Dankula) - Gross Offense (C.S Remix) Cunt Smasher might return. I got so stoned last night on some super pot and was like what am I doing? Why can't I make normal plain music and release that? #music #meme #freespeech #nazi #reason
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Sargon dropped in to sing bout white niggers. Fantastic. #music #altright #sargon #sargoy #parody
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