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Dr. Blasey Ford is a Liar

American EricSep 30, 2018, 10:33:44 PM

     I never really liked Judge Kavanaugh.  He seems to me to be exactly the type of Bush-era neocon who can't interpret the Constitution, expecially vis-a-vis our RIGHTS, properly.  Deep down, I don't want him to be a Supreme Court Justice.  As I watched the Senate confirmation hearing, I felt that Democrats didn't make any great points.  In fact, they often contradicted themselves.  So I was left with the impression that he'd be appointed by all Republicans, and maybe one or two Democrats.  And for the sake of full disclosure, even though I'm not a fan of Kavanaugh's, I am still biased against Democrats, whom I distrust.

     And then they dropped the bombshell.  The allegations of sexual assault.  Unlike Cory Booker's drama-queen "I am Spartacus" moment, this was actually interesting.  Maybe the Dems would figure out how to stop Judge Kavanaugh after all.

     So I started talking to my wife about this.  She's not from America, and English isn't her first language.  Unlike us, she hasn't had tons of propaganda shoved down her throat about politics.  I don't care if you watch Fox or CNN, the mainstream media repeats lies constantly until people believe them.  On the other hand, she never had those channels growing up, and couldn't care less to watch them now.  She's the perfect example of someone unbiased.

     I had to ask her opinion, so I explained to her that there's a guy, Bret, accused by a woman, Christine, of sexual assault.  I tried to explain things in an objective, dispassionate way, but I failed.  I said, "And he's not accused of raping her, just 'almost raping her!"

    My wife gave me a look.  She didn't look happy at all.  She then told me about how when she was younger, someone almost raped her.  And he stopped himself, but still she's angry at him.  She's angry, and just trying to forgive and forget.  She made me understand how that sexual assault had hurt her.

     I asked her, "Yeah, but if he was about to be a hotshot, and you could ruin his career and his life, would you?"

     "Probably not," she replied, "I'd probably hit him up for money, and let him know that if he didn't pay up, I'd ruin his life.  I don't really want to ruin his life, but I want something for what he did to me."

     That all seemed fair enough to me...  This was a few days ago, by the way.  Today, I was watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony to Congress on YouTube, when suddenly from the kitchen I hear my wife do a nasally, mocking voice.  She was mocking Dr. Ford.  I laughed, and asked her why she was making fun of her.  My wife, in the middle of making me coffee and french toast, replied, "She's lying.  She's obviously lying."

     I go over to the kitchen, and ask her what she means.  She says, "She's acting.  If she told this story, but without the crying voice, I'd believe her.

    "In college I had a boyfriend, and when I told him the story of how I was almost raped, and he said he didn't believe me.  He said that I sounded like I hadn't even participated in the story.  That my voice had no emotion.  But it's because I was controlling my emotions.  Because I didn't want the pain to come back, so I tried to disconnect myself from it.  Because I wanted it to stay in the past."

     I knew right then and there that Dr. Ford is a liar.  She's a pussy hat-wearing, anti-Trump fraud.  

     No one has corroborated her story, but hundreds of women have come out to refute it.  There's no evidence to back up her ever-changing story.

     You can't let a person's life, career, and family be destroyed by an unprovable allegation.  Especially from a manipulative liar like Ford.