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#MindsPromoVideos ✨

Amanda🐍Jan 15, 2017, 7:41:56 PM

💡🌀#MindsPromoVideos 🌀💡


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🎭take a moment to join the host group. #MindsImages



⚛ Make a video that you think expresses #Minds minds.com

Submission specifications:  


✨1 minute max video time 

✨use all legal footage 

💡 direction, Movie trailer style. 


🏆Rewards: 🏆


🏵 1️⃣ 250,000 points 


🌺 #mindsImages #MindsLogoContest #MindsTshirts 

🦋 start now! January 15, 2017

Submissions END ON: March 15, 2017

🐬 my birthday gift! 

🦋your point host is @ottman

🌺Questions: @Amandaisaprinsiss123 @FretzCapo @SatroiD @GreatMindsContest


🐬 Previous promo video contest: 



💡please take a moment and review the minds community TOS 



🌟Recap. There will be three distinct phases. 


1) the submissions artist/community has a month to create videos, please enter before 003.10.17 will be using the hash tag #MindsPromoVideos 


2)  we will organise a voting/post/blog this will last a few days for voting likes=votes. I will give three notices before closing, just like before, thanks so everyone for keeping me in a constant state of mind blown with how amazing and creative you are! We are going to use this file to organize the videos and gifs as well! Everything will be in one easy access spot! 


Phase 3 Goal : to create interesting, creative, inspirational and maybe even reflective videos promoting #Minds. And getting us in the public eye through mixed media projects Your imagination is the limit! 


💥 Other ways to win/earn points! 💥


👨‍🎨 #MindsStreetArtBattle = create public art challenge 



👾 @Land_Minds #Land_Minds  = it is a print and stick game! 


🌐 #MindsLogoContest = create a unique minds logo! My previous blog has details. 


💥Remix by SatoriD :