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My whole week here in Minds

AlanDurierNov 7, 2018, 2:05:17 PM

Hey my subscribers and new people here on minds.com - Today is the whole week for me here in Minds.com community. Every day i have been shortly documenting my whole week here and now at the end of my week i really say only good things, because the other things are already work-in-progress here and let me tell you why i love this platform so much.

Well you already know that we collect points right now yes, but know that everyone can publish an ICO but this is why i love minds.com team, they haven't, it is easy but still they have not done that yet thou...why?

Well they want to be sure that this platform is really going alright and steps as it was supposed to be - an freespeech community where your voice echoes to as many right people as possible. I love the idea, that they are doing updates and thinking about new ideas before just make this ico, they focus on platform.

My first day i was a little bit confused, well you know, a new platform again... i came from steemit if you know this platform, but in steemit there wasn't just proper amount of people seeing my post and there was some irrelevant content, nothing unique, just some spam and memes around profiles.

If i joined here i noticed that people have a real content here and there is a possible to boost myself to let myself known to more users. I loved it. I every day invest all my tokens to boosting my content now.

From day 2 to this point i started to love this platform and i even can earn points for boosting me more, so this is awsome if you are not hunting tokens for selling them.

I also want to thank all the people who have subscribed me on this week, over an three hundred already and 9 wires.  Also you will get points to be active and social, if pleased then please "remind" (share) this post.

With wires you support my quest so for that i would like to make an special thanks. I also will soon start some little campains for giving tokens and wires. So for that matter it would be nice if you subscribe to know when it happens.

Thumbs up if like being here on minds and lets keep going!