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The Event: real or woo-woo?

Akronos MagoJun 23, 2018, 5:23:30 AM

Seven years ago I recall patronizing those that were scared of 2012 and the “end of civilization”. Three years ago I smirked at alien theorists, channelers, and crystal packers. I harrumphed and declared “Who has time to meditate? I’m busy doing important things!”

I’m not saying I believe in all these things now, but the current explosion of interest in these strange topics are becoming hard to ignore. And now there is this “The Event” thing that everyone is talking about. I have been a programmer and data analyst all my life and the statistics of the current trends are passing thresholds that move many of these from “fad on a conspiracy theory” to “how can this many people be nuts?”.

Is something really big happening on a metaphysical level? The woo-woo’s are getting very excited right now. Either they're crazy or maybe they are onto something.

Current Trends

 *   The Event - Ascension of Humanity
 *   DNA Activation
 *   Earth’s global warming and catastrophic weather conditions
 *   Alien disclosure

The Event

Supposedly there will be a big wave or flash of energy and light coming from the center of our galaxy. This energy will stimulate a flash or solar flares from our sun that permeates the earth and humanity, raising the frequencies of all living entities on the planet. This Event is supposed to either cause or be the catalyst for all the following:

 *   Spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet.
 *   The arrest of the Cabal.
 *   The re-set of the Financial Systems.
 *   Disclosure – the release of ET information.
 *   Beginning of a new, fair financial system with prosperity funds for all.
 *   NEW Government/Political system, Education system, Health care system.
 *   Introduction of new advanced technologies.
 *   Ascension shift to fifth dimension.

To say that would be historic is an understatement. Scientifically there is some historical evidence that something big may be about to occur. The solar flares have been increasing and astronomers are saying that our solar system is drifting into new areas of the galaxy which is making for additional and stronger electromagnetic waves from the center of the milky way. Historically when there has been large solar flares there has also been large historic events:

Collective Evolution, website of 10 years, has an excellent article on The Event. ‘The Event’ – What’s Really Happening & What You Need To Know About It

There is a relatively new YouTube channel named “TheEventIsComingSoon”. This channel started November 2015, has over 132K subscribers, over 23.4 million views, and 4,965 videos. Frankly I hate the cheap method of computerized voice but the popularity is impressive. Do a search and you’ll be surprised how much information comes up on “The Event".

DNA Activation

Recently scientists discovered both frequencies and light can change DNA.  So perhaps the recent solar flares are causing the DNA changes to us right now. Or maybe because it is time for ascension of humanity our DNA is changing. This could be argued that the solar flares are causing DNA activation which will trigger The Event, or that The Event is scheduled to come and thus is causing solar flares to activate our DNA.

Catastrophic Weather Conditions

I covered this in a blog just last week ago about 15 weather catastrophic events globally happening all within the last few weeks. See that blog for details.

Perchance the magnetic pole shift is part of the cause, or the solar flares. Everything is likely connected. The solar flares are likely causing the magnetic pole shifts which are both causing erratic extreme weather and volcanoes.

Aliens ?!?

There is no public proof aliens exist but statistically it is impossible for them not to exist considering the number of inhabitable planets that exist in our galaxy. Statistically half the planets would be less advanced than ours and half would be more advanced than ours. According to the math aliens must exist and many of them would be more advanced than humans. Whether disclosure and proof of them is coming soon… purely speculative but the woo-woos are excited.

In the first 62 days there were 178,826 views of the "Extraterrestrial Ambassadors on Earth" video posted on April 19, 2018 from an official "UFO conference".

Terminology of the Woo-Woos

Enlightened people are those that are in touch with their higher self or cosmic consciousness. They generally know the answers to any question and yet often do not even know how they know. Generally they are at peace and serene. Often referred to as Awakened.

Light Language - I did not know until this week that this was even a thing but apparently it is with lots of speakers, teachers, and those who understand. Vanessa Lamorte, M.A. explains it well in this 2015 video.

On May 28th the video “June Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation with Jamye Price” was posted and as of June 22 it has 10,716 views. This is truly strange.  This lady consistently has over 10K views for each video and she’s teaching “Lemurian Light Language” and just finished June 15-17 giving a three-day class in Switzerland for $550. There are actually many people teaching this “Light Language”.

Channelers are people that can connect mentally with higher beings to gain information. Sometimes these are angels, or ET’s, or the Akashic records, and some even speak to those beyond the grave. From what I have seen, most channelers are not enlightened. In fact many channelers will even admit that they do not understand what they are saying because it is coming from some source far smarter than themselves. In contrast an enlightened person does not need to channel and knows and understands at a deep level even though their ability to express it varies depending on the person.

The type of people that channel varies greatly and this is just a very small sampling; I pre-apologize to them if they are offended by these simple descriptions:

Housewife types

Keleena Malnar 3,861 subscribers, 92 videos - 228,084 views

Beverly Nation 17 videos - 116,887 views

The Energetic Alchemist  2,239 subscribers, 48 videos - 80,555 views
  (started 01/20/18)

Fully living the channeler lifestyle

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D  21,448 subscribers 361 videos - 2,383,540 views

The Peculiar Daughter  7,509 subscribers, 28 videos - 311,725 views

Randi Green  1,188 subscribers, 31 videos  36,412 views
   (PhD in psychiatry plus channeler)

Super star and internationally known

Kryon  30,840 subscribers, 855 videos  - 4,731,833 views

Have you heard of Kryon?  Kryon started in 1989 and has been giving public talks for over 20 years. His following is HUGE. This "Kryon" is a channeled personality who is much more famous than the guy that channels him (Lee Carroll). Lee Carroll has authored 15 individual books about/from Kryon with over half a million books sold. His books have been translated into 24 different languages and his presentations in over 24 countries "attract audiences in the thousands". Kryon's predictions have come true in the past. His YouTube posts are prolific and generally have over 5,000 views in first 2 days and often over 50K views in first month.  He is now predicting The Event.

Proof and Statistics

It is difficult to prove anything so esoteric and intangible as enlightenment, ascension and channeling. There is a way though.

Find two different people that do not know each other but claim they are enlightened or channel information. Ask them questions that is not common knowledge. If they both give the same answer then they are likely legit. Now not all channelers are legit and not all those that say they are enlightened truly are, so you may have to try this with a few different people. For example Richard Martini asked different channelers the same question about Bill Paxton regarding something that only he had experienced with Bill, and both channelers gave him the correct answer.

Is Richard Martini lying? Maybe the channelers are not channeling and instead use telepathy and read his mind? He also asked them questions he did not know the answers to and after they told him answers he researched and verified they were correct. The concept of channeling sounds crazy and impossible, but if thousands are now doing it and hundreds of thousands are experiencing it and the information they tell is correct… what does that signify?

Why are so many people channeling? Channeling has been happening for ages. Harry Houdini hated it and I expect back then all channelers were frauds that were doing it for money. However now there are so many channelers and most are not asking for money. What’s their motivation? Personally I find it difficult to watch with a straight face especially when they start talking in tongues or Lemurian or whatever that is. But then the data analyst kicks in and wonders "why do they all have a common theme and often are giving the exact same message but obviously are not in communication with each other?" Many of these are housewives and I frankly can not believe there is a mass conspiracy of housewives which are all collaborating to pull a global hoax.

There is a Facebook group called "The Event is Happening" that was created only 4 months ago. They have 38,857 members of which over 10,000 joined within last 30 days. 226 posts today, and 6,167 posts in last 30 days.

Admittedly, the above is not proof nor even hard statistics. It does show that popularity of these topics are extremely high right now and the correlation between some of them is hard to write-off as a coincidence.

What is going on? Is it mass hysteria? Are hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously going crazy and all sharing in the same delusion? If so, that is pretty spectacular. Or is this legitimate?

Enlightenment also known as Awakening

The topic of Enlightenment was big a year ago. One of the most interesting articles I read said that in the 70's finding enlightenment took 20 years. In the 90’s it only took 10 years. If you started searching around 2010 you could become enlightened in 5 years. And in 2017 some people were becoming enlightened within a month or two, or for some rare people within minutes. I personally witnessed a friend become enlightened during the full solar eclipse on August 21st and it was an awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching spectacle that I will never forget.

There are many that have become "enlightened" and yet do not call it that or know the why nor the how. They just feel an uncontrollable urge to help as many other people as possible. Sometimes they have a tiny following on YouTube but still continue to post their enlightened knowledge just because they feel they must.

Those most excited about The Event are saying more people are becoming enlightened to show the path for those that are not. Funny, that’s exactly what so many are doing.

The internet has been around for a long time. It definitely makes communications fast and starting movements easier. However at some point you have to ask yourself why the nut jobs, wackos, and woo-woos all agree on certain topics.

The Event is coming. The channelers are saying it. The enlightened are saying it. The shamans of most indigenous cultures are currently saying it. Literally millions of people are talking about it and all agree it is in-progress, affecting people now and in November 2018 will come to a climax.


Okay, to be honest I started meditating 21 months ago. I’m the first to admit that I’m surprised how much it has helped. Many say I’m a different person and all in ways that make me better. I’m even packing a few crystals although I’m not proud of it and still don’t feel their energy. Some of my friends even say I’m enlightened. I prefer to think of myself as wizard rather than “woo-woo” because I haven’t released my grip on logic, statistics and looking for proof.

Personally, I’m not planning on taking any classes on Light Language and I don’t care whether there is alien disclosure or not. Do I believe in The Event - Ascension of Humanity? I sure hope that’s what happening and not some of the alternatives. But do I believe… yes, actually I do. There is so much evidence from so many different sources and different types of sources. They are using different language to say things that add up to the same end result. Plus, although I would argue I’m not fully enlightened yet, I often feel I can sense truth from bullshit when I hear it. My intuition is saying to keep meditating, be a good person, be in nature more often, help others, and prepare for ascension. To be fully honest, the only reason I’m writing this blog is because for some unexplainable reason I feel I should.

If you are a naysayer like I was 3 years ago… there’s no telling where you will be three years from now. If the rate of enlightenment continues to speed up, you could be a crystal packer by next week. ;)


-Akronos Mago