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Exploring StarShatter

Fabricator Azule ZeroJun 16, 2019, 8:22:01 PM

Minds is great for promoting yourself.

      While some humorless bastards sought refuge here from the likes of Mark Zuckerburg and Jack Dorsey's relentless throttling and censorship in order to monetize their platforms (or are they publishers? Congress will find out! Vox Archive). On this site, artist thrive.

Aragmar is a Bulgarian writer whose Star shatter series has been delighting fans of all ages across this site. Supported by a network of like minded individuals with a passion for creating, his need to help others is reflected in his books; themes of freedom vs. slavery, overcoming obstetrical and achieving your dreams makes up each chapter Aragmar crafts. We'll be exploring some of the kick ass individuals characters in the first book of this breakout series, and having some fun as we explore the first book in the series: Starshatter.

What the hell is Starshatter?

Alternative History, in Space. This fan art is beyond amazing. 

Simple put, it's a ship. We don't get an introduction to the actually ship till later in the book, the Starshatter soul lies in it's eclectic crew, made up of a combination of humans, "uplifted" humanoid animals, and the few alien species friendly to Terra, the intergalactic name for earth in this world. Having been invaded by the alien Pirate Lord Mahim in the year 1969, Earth faced a population decline of epic proportions as many people where slaughtered or enslaved; many of the male population being the resulting victims of the Pirate Lords Wrath. The modern human population leans heavily female due to this, and humanity has used genetic techniques to "uplift" animals into humanoid bodies with sentience in order to compete in the galactic environment (they do seek the consent of the "client races." How this is done is a bit hard for me to understand Aragmar has done a glorious job of keeping a bit of mystery as to how this alternative world thinks- a good alien world, in my humble opinion, requires a bit of mystery.) These races, as well as an alliance between earth's Terran Minarcy and the catlike Kil'ra, have helped the Minarcy keep the human and client races alive.

All Hands on Deck! 

The crew of the Starshatter are introduced each chapter. I've made a silly YouTube list of the three videos (bitchute playlist) I've covered the first three chapters which look at Lilly, Awesome, and Anit'za, and let me tell you: they are bad ass.

Lilly is an uplifted Rabbit, specializing in exobiology. Her encounter with an Taz'aran raiding party leads her into a guerrilla conflict with the supremacist aliens. She get pretty banged up, but the overall Terran Minarcry (the over all government that governs Terra and it's citizens. It's most a donation biased, Aynd Rand style government that runs more like a confederacy) comes to the rescue. Here we also encounter the more interesting of flora in the Starshatter universe- lets just say that some of the trees themselves provided some much neeed

Lets go to Cav!

One of the central hubs of trade, Cav, is a planet that brings our cast together. One thing that I find myself being reminded of is this world exists in a parallel timeline to our own, with the presence of souls, psychics, and universal connections that lead us to a confrontation between our cast of characters and a merc crew that fails spectacularly. It's your classic bar fight scene with the dramatized flair that only @aragmar can deliver.

Reading starshatter is a fresh, hopeful take on a universe ready to explode in an awesome blend of sci-fi, alternative history, and most importantly, awesome memes, which you can view via the #starshatter hashtag, only here on minds.com