Mostly video games, podcasts about video games, weird music, and other retarded things.
explicit#GruntFreePress #Podcast Episode 240 is out: Zombies, zombies everywhere and not a fuck to give. Topics - Oscar recap, In Search of Darkness, horror art, James Rolfe being James Rolfe, Trump talks B-movies, Nazi zombie/alien zombie, another surprise Spooktacular, Zombie Army 4, it was Hitler all along..., ghost Hitlers, harkening back to a time when killing Nazis was just fun and not a political statement for gays, tripping up on tripwires, traps, XCOM2/War of the Chosen, the usual confusion, yeah the episode is late fuck off. Music - The Exploited - UK 82, The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward, Slaves - The Hunter #VideoGames #Gaming
explicit#GruntFreePress #Podcast Episode 239 is out: The novelty wore off looonnng ago. Topics - Pixels versus voxels... Settled?, Blade Runner remains a mystery, rasters and vectors, trixels, other bullshit I don't understand, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, getting things ten years too late to be cool, scientist bunker guy, invisible vampire creatures, the continuing saga of broken shit, guass rifle gauntlet, that famous ferris wheel that's somewhere, Wishmaster, Zombie Army 4, it's Left 4 Dead but good, X-ray brains and testicles, GFP Radio. Music - Bad Brains - Don't Need It, Tremor - The Proletarian's Teeth, Rage Against the Machine - Guerilla Radio #VideoGames #Gaming
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