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Abdul_mindsJan 22, 2019, 11:08:26 AM

In recent times the sales, purchase, and delivery of good and services online have grown and expanded due to convenience and other reasons. As a result of this, over the years, there's been a significant increase in the desire for faster delivery which in turn makes delivery less efficient.

The intended goals of e-transactions include end-user satisfaction and accountability but unfortunately, logistics problems, unclear platform policies, and inefficient delivery are still insistent. All this and more paved way for the solution in the form of SERVE.


Serve is a platform that provides solutions to the obsolete problems encountered in the market with a decentralized platform that is cost effective, transparent and safe. It seeks to use an open source platform, blockchain technology and an effectual software program to help solve the current problems facing the market. Serve provides such services as:

● Rideshare transportation services.

● On-demand delivery services.

● GIG services.

● On time delivery services.

● Logistics

● E-commerce and many more.

More of the services provided by serve are listed on the Serve Website.


Use of centralized platforms: The use of centralized platforms involves the concentration of control of an activity or organization under a single authority. Centralized platforms can be penetrated leading to loss of information, fraudulent activities amongst others.

User Dissatisfaction: Logistics problems, delay in delivery amongst other reasons leads to dissatisfaction on certain platforms, thereby, reducing efficiency.

The high cost of platforms: platform fees could cost as much as 40% of the total transaction which deters the platform users and services providers.

Poor risk management and fraudulent activities: With so much inefficiency and ineffectiveness of these existing systems, there is a slack in risk management and control which in turn leaves room for fraudulent activities and unaccountability.

Little transparency: There is hardly a direct connection between service providers and customers which means there is little transparency. This, often times, tends to cause dissatisfaction to the user.


Use of a decentralized platform: Decentralized platform describes the design of a network that isn’t managed by a central party. Instead, peer-to-peer interaction drives the network, as no third party is required. Serve runs a decentralized platform using the blockchain technology which allows for far more privacy. And because information doesn’t have to go through one point, and can instead pass through a variety of points, it’s much more difficult to track information across the network, hence, protecting information of the users of the platform.

Cost effective: The serve platform is cost efficient with the cost of transaction as low as 0% to 2.5% which saves cost for service providers and customers and, hence, efficiency is maximized.

End-user satisfaction: Users of the platform are assured of satisfaction and fulfillment with the use of an open source system. This ensures accountability and safe delivery of goods and services.

Transparency: The use of a decentralized platform provides a see-through system that brings total transparency and security for its users.

An open channel of communication and direct connection: The serve platform excludes the use of a middle man through a direct and open channel of communication from the service providers and customers.

Risk management: A decentralized platform such as this, helps to curb fraudulent activities, loss of information and misappropriations on the platform ensuring safe transactions and deliveries.

Provision of a software application: The creation of the serve application helps users to easily access the platform and the list of available goods and services. It is user-friendly, easily accessible, and needs no cost to use.


Serve smart contracts provides users with the following features:

A trustless system: With serve, there is no trust required for transactions to be held. With a core escrow contract that holds transactions and token until a transaction is finalized.

Accountability: With the use of blockchain technology information, payments and transactions made on the platform are accountable.

Provision of arbitrators: Serve provides arbitrators, to help mediate faulty transactions.

Smart contract reviews: Serve provide a review of products and services available on the platform to serve as a guide to its users.

Recurring smart contract: Frequent purchases on the platform can be set to recurrence. Thus, making the platform easier to use.

Smart asset contracts: This platform allows vendors to upload their inventory and services provided which helps in creating a reputation for small and new businesses.

Smart marketplace contracts: Serve creates an avenue for healthy competition between existing providers and new providers to showcase products with the presence of a marketplace.


● User-friendly.

● Easy accessibility.

● Easy to use.

● No cost.

Other features of the Serve application software are listed on the Serve white paper.


Transactions on the serve platform are paid to serve using serve tokens, which is a very little percentage of the total value of the smart contract or transaction.

Other uses of the Serve token are available on Serve Website and white paper.

Token pre-purchase structure.

Total tokens: 10 million serve tokens.

Tokens price: 0.05 USD.

Private sale: 3.5million serve tokens.

Token allocation.

Payments- 35%

Community- 25%

Team and advisors- 10%

Founders- 10%

Marketing- 20%


The fourth quarter of 2017- Affiliate software development for software services.

The first quarter of 2018- Founding and launch of the serve.

The second quarter of 2018- Creation of serve wallet.

The fourth quarter of 2018- Creating awareness for crypto and open economy.

The fourth quarter of 2018- Public release and token distribution.


The Serve team is a group of seasoned professionals with the know-how and experience in the field of technology and global trading.

Shahan Ohanession / Chief executive officer.

A successful entrepreneur, CEO of scoobeez, a leading firm in delivery and last mile logistics, His passion for customer satisfaction lead to the idea of serve.

George voskanian / Chief financial officer.

He possesses vast knowledge in public and private capital markets with 10 years of experience and successful notable transactions. Having worked with top Financial and investment firms before joining serve.

Roman Tsarovsky / Chief technology officer.

With a vision in automation and optimization, over 10 years of experience in coding and software creation. Structuring enterprise resource planning solutions, token economic structures, and integration into blockchain technologies using Solidity. Roman’s core belief is that any problem can be resolved with a view towards automation and optimization.

Ycaza Thrush / Chief visionary officer

He has served as head production designer, designing projects in the music and film industry. He has been the chief visionary officer of 5 different networking and internet service provider ventures and also a consultant. He brings all these and more experience to serve.

Suzy Ohanessian / President

Entrepreneur, with experience and expertise in last mile and delivery industry. Having managed scoobeez, a leading last-mile logistics, and delivery company. She is a great team leader and she brings that quality to serve.

Scott Sheikh/ Chief learning officer

With knowledge in law and small business and technology, he structured a system that provides a playground for small and complex businesses. He brings his passion for last-mile logistics, emerging technologies, and cutting-edge law to Serve.


Notable advisors in the field of logistics, law, marketing, advertising, and blockchain technology on the serve team include:-

Penny Register-Shaw, Michael Terpin, Margaux Avedisian, Phu Styles, Michael K. Kalman, Cyrus Taghehchian.


For more information about the Serve platform, check out the following links:


White paper

Bounty Ox username: Abdulee