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GSC Platform - Enabling a hitch-free supply chain in the global economy

Abdul_mindsJan 23, 2019, 3:54:38 PM

Today, in the global trading market trading market there has been increasing in purchases of goods and services and this, in turn, has made delivery more challenging, most especially the supply chain management and communication channel. Luckily, industries and companies don't have to worry anymore. As the Genesis supply chain Platform (GSC Platform) addresses this issue using an overall enterprise resource planning and the use of blockchain technology to plan and manage resources and information of a company by the use of integrated systems. The blockchain technology stores history of every exchange and transactions made using an open source decentralized platform that is secure and transparent.

How the GSC Platform works

Of course, I know you're wondering how the GSC platform works. Well, here's a breakdown.

It provides an IT platform which provides data and analysis of resources and information that ensures credibility, sustainability, and accountability while its smart purchase features including secure information, follow up of orders and it ensures trust between providers and customers. This yields reliability and reputation with an open source of communication that enables users to confirm and trace parts of purchase and avoid counterfeiting.

The platform provides

●High level of safety

●Tamper-proof system

●An outsourced system

●Accountability and cost-effectiveness

●Digital link between participants

These and more can be found on the GSC platform white paper

Problems the GSC platform intends to solve

Use of centralized platforms: Such platforms do not provide anonymity and this means information could be accessed easily, creating room for fraudulent practices and loss of information. However, with GSCP which employs a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure safety and security of data and information.

Trust: The issue of trust is one factor that hinders e-trading because users are not assured that certain providers can be trusted to deliver their request. This is entirely different with GSCP as it brings in interoperability between providers and customers with its well-architected enterprise resources planning.

Accountability: Accountability brings about satisfaction. This would excite users of the GSC platform that records transactions and exchange that are secured and accountable with real-time availability of information.

Contracts Automation: manual and repetitive tasks are time-consuming but with GSCP smart contracts, the case is very much different as it can enable automation of contracts set to recur.

Cost: as good as they may look, certain platforms charge as high as 40% yet with little efficiency and replete with dissatisfaction. GSCP platform is built to be so cost-effective in such a way that its suppliers and customers have a direct link.

For more information about GSC platform cost effectiveness check out GSCP website.

Counterfeiting and Tracing: Sometimes, customers encounter problems with their purchases because they're unable to trace the source of the products and prevent counterfeit products. Not anymore! As with GSCP, origins and previews are available to guide users.

Use cases of the GSCP tokens

Transactions on the GSC platform are paid to GSCP using GSCP tokens, which is a very little percentage of the total value of the smart contract or transaction. Also, tracing on the platform is done with the GSCP tokens, and not forgetting that rewards are given on the platform for certain task and they're in GSCP tokens.

The GSCP Roadmap

Q3 2017 - Q2 2018 -GSC Platform first conceptualized and recruited crew

Q2 - Q3 2018 -Website creation Partnerships/Token sale launch.

Q3 - Q4 2018 -Minimum viable product development

Q2 2019 -the launch of GSC platform as a product.

Q3 - Q4 2019 -Testnet and launch of Smart Purchase

Q4 2019 -Testnet GSC Parts Traceability

Q1 2020 - net GSC Parts Traceability

Q2 2020 -Improvements of GSC ERP 3.0 MILLENIUM.

GSCP Company and Team

The GSCP team are a group of seasoned professionals with the know-how and experience in the field of technology and global trading from around the world. Based in the South-West of France, they have a vision to always be better than the expectations of their customers and partners.


Maxime Legros

Founder and CEO of GSC platform, Maxime Legros with over 7 years of experience as a purchaser in the aviation industry.

Cyril Vuaroqueaux

(Chief technology officer & Co-founder of GSC Platform)

Rachel Iqui

(Chief financial officer and Co-founder of GSC Platform)

And other members from other parts of the world with expertise in IT/Blockchain Development, Marketing, Communication & Community Care, Business Development, and a team of expert advisors.


For more information about this, check out the following links:


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BountyOx username: Abdulee