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Woman finds a moving garbage bag on the side of the road, stops to find the living creature inside

Alternative World News NetworkAug 31, 2016, 7:51:19 PM

Malissa Sergent Lewis was driving down a Kentucky road, late for work, when she noticed a trash bag on the side of the road.  Oddly, it was moving, as if something was inside of it.

She investigated to find something wonderful and horrible.  

“I saw this trash bag in the road, and I thought to myself, ‘Did I just see that bag move?’ The closer I got, I realized it was moving,” Lewis told The Dodo. “I could hardly wrap my mind around that. Something was alive in that bag, and I just knew I had to get whatever it was out.”

She opened the bag to find a puppy, wearing a collar but with no identification tags.  Though she was unable to locate the owners, she took the young dog home and is in the process of finding it a permanent residence.  And he is cute.

Here, she noticed the bag

And there he was

He has since been named Hefty

And he's loving life in his new digs

Here's the heartbreaking moment she found the moving bag