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The Word ‘Man’ Is Banned At Princeton University

Alternative World News NetworkAug 23, 2016, 6:49:15 PM

Students won't be punished for using it, but the world "man" is being removed from courses and school activities, being replaced by more gender-neutral terms.

Some may see this as an Orwellian side-step,  unnecessarily blocking or destroying a useful term for the sake of political correctness.  Others see it as a necessary state of evolution.  Why, of course, do we use the word "man" to describe one gender and "wo-man" to describe the other.  What's with the prefix?  "Male" and "Fe-male" does the same thing.  Seems like these words were created by men.

Using the words "man" and "woman" is still tolerated at Princeton and can still be used to identify gender, but the insidious imposition of the "man" term will be altered.

Here are some examples of what has changed.

A memo from the school read “consistent with style guidelines issued by Princeton’s Office of Human Resources and Office of Communications, and as endorsed by the Institutional Equity Planning Group as a preferred University practice, HR has developed these gender inclusive style guidelines, to be utilized by all HR staff members in HR communications, policies, job descriptions, and job postings."

John Cramer, Princeton’s director of media relations, said the guidelines “reflect the university’s initiative of fostering an inclusive environment.”