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Oil giant opens world's largest solar desalination plant. Solar wins, even in Saudi Arabia

Alternative World News NetworkMar 8, 2016, 4:31:37 PM

Due for completion in 2017, the desalination plant being built in Al Khafji, Saudi Arabia will supply 100,000 with clean water every day and leave no carbon trace.

Being constructed by Advanced Water Technology, the plant will be able to treat 30,000 cubic meters of water every day.  The plant produces a surplus of energy during the day which it uses at night and this surplus enables the plant to produce zero carbon emissions and become the first zero carbon emission desalination plant in the world.

The plant is able to be upgraded to handle up to 60,000 cubic meters and serve 150,000 people a day at maximum capacity.  It is part of an initiative in the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology.  Notice, the image above is a solar-thermal plant in Germany; the desalination plant being constructed can be seen here.

Renewable powered desalination was a hot topic at the 2013 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi and now is being brought into reality.  Even in one of the most oil-rich countries in the world it is obvious that a renewable source of energy ensures that the desalination plant will continue functioning, even if fuel supplies run out or trade lines become blocked.

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