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How 2 guys hacked the system to travel Europe for free with Tinder

Alternative World News NetworkDec 20, 2016, 8:10:41 PM

The two guys, Matt Dajer and Ammar Kandil from the YouTube channel, Yes Theory, decided to try an incredible experiment.  They headed to Europe on a journey, spending no money on food, or accomodations.  Instead, they decided to use Tinder to meet people that would be gracious enough to host and feed them throughout their trip.

From Amsterdam, to Paris to Barcelona, they swiped upwards of 10,000 girls with a less-than 1% success rate.  However, they did succeed and they documented their journey.

On top of food and a place to stay, they sought the "local experience," all on the dime and kindness of their host.

It looks like they went through the ringer, likely spending most of their time swiping and figuring out how to ask the right questions.  On the first day, for instance, it was not until 5:30 pm that they met someone willing to take them in for the night.

It did work, however, and the guys seemed to have an epic experience meeting people and traveling the scene.

Both of the guys are from London and had never been to continental Europe before.  They both met their girlfriends on Tinder and wanted to probe the possibilities of the meet-up app.

Matt explained how they managed to get through Europe without their wallets.  "We originally wanted to send our wallets back home by mail so that we’d have no choice and wouldn’t spend money, but the post office wouldn’t let us (you’re not allowed to send your wallet by mail apparently

"But for the most part we stuck to it and the point of the whole project was really to see if people would even be willing to hear us out and take us in, which they did."

Though they did encounter some people that were cruel or in total disbelief at their requests, the ones they did meet became fast friends and they still keep in contact with them today.