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Resisting TrumPutin in the media spotlight

ALbanShApr 7, 2017, 11:29:18 AM

The news industry is in need of news. People are tired of Trump after the election. Seems the reality show does not stop or slow down regardless.


The weapons industry has always been in need of wars, and my guess is the wars we see are because weapon manufacturers need to sell what they produce (to both sides of a conflict that they have very strong interests in keeping going on, or making happen). Whether they actually do it (profit vs. human soul) is a matter of debate, but debating it is fueling it, well desired by the media.


If they are not conspiring to make current Syria events happen, this time, they have done so in the past, many times that we know of (thanks whistleblowers. You are much more heroic than the monsters that employed you till your divergence from their interests), and so many others that we do not know about.


We do not have a solution or proposal to keep the news industry and war industry in check. But we do have a long term solution for most current age ills of the world:

Finding the Formula of the Universe!

And we got the means to do it! (check below to see examples of the means we have, means Einstein could dream about)


With the formula of the universe at least some parts of the industry will not be motivated by mere survival (eg. journalists and soldiers need to eat too, and if there are no news or wars, the current economy will mandate them to starve... until someone makes the news or wars happen). This is achieved through the method of abundance for all (as we should already, since it is the freaking 2017 now, but a stronger push is produced if the formula of the universe, and the technological jump forward coming from it, join our civilization).


'Building A Universe Competition' #BAUniC is the method of choice to reach that. (The topic is broad and evolved, and cannot be explained in a single post. The best I can do is to split it in pieces. Check below for more.)


#BAUniC needs to be successful in the contest against TrumPutin and their media machinery to get to knock in the attention of the groups and individuals who are independently already researching the #FractalUniverse. We need many allies to reach that. We are content creators (the formula, the movie, the memes, the articles), minds.com may be the content distributor, and need your help to spread the message so we go from Chirp! Chirp! Chiirp!! to CHHHIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!, otherwise we got fewer chances against the reality show of geopolitics today, paid in human lives.

Scientists should be our heroes and superstars, not world leaders who are failing to lead and protect the world, at best, or keeping the world in a perpetual state of distress, at most likely.


The environment demands conflict, regardless of what the puppets in charge want. With strong willpower and energy consumption the most powerful puppets in the world can resist this demand, maybe even have a shot at reversing it. Whether they want to do so is another issue. The news machine vouches they will cover the event, and want you to see it, especially the parts they uncover, what the war machine wants covered.


Should we believe this bullsh*t?


The formula of the universe is within reach! The superpowers of the world, TrumPutin, corporations, and the puppeteers controlling them, know it well that technology advancing so fast will render them irrelevant at their current state, so they will adapt and evolve, become part of the wave of progress, as to assure a stronger future position.


The #BAUniC Revolution is unstoppable! With your help, it can come faster!




Tools and means to search for the formula of the universe with:

* Computers and interconnectivity to augment our collective IQ, (no link for that. If you are not aware of this, you got bigger problems than TrumPutin).

* Vast databases of digested information and catalogued knowledge and ways to search it. (for example wikipedia and google)

* Advances in A.I., software/algorithms and hardware (eg. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/google-tpu-comparison-haswell-k80,34069.html)

* Quadrillions of digits of Pi through Pi-Slicing (http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-11313194)

* True randomness generated from weak pseudorandom sources (http://www.tomshardware.com/news/zuckerman-random-number-generation-breakthrough,31821.html)

* So many ideas, papers, advances (https://www.conference-publishing.com/list.php?Event=STOC16)



#BAUniC expressed in chunks:

* #BAUniC - Building A Universe Competition, searching the formula of the universe among fractals (baunic.blogspot.com)

* #BAUniC2017 - The competitive event of #BAUniC for 2017 (baunic.blogspot.com/p/baunic2017-competitive-event-of-2017.html)

* #BAUniC:movie - TV Series about a Fictioniverse where #BAUniC succeeds. Because the traditional methods of advertising are always there, one sponsored click away, and the issue is to have something worth advertising. (baunic-movie.blogspot.com/p/starthere.html)

* Islam for progress - Because if we can get help from a culture rooted in playexploration of high complexity symmetries and producers of the Arabic numeric system we all use today, good! Else, the race towards the #FractalUniverse goes on anyway. (minds.com/blog/view/684160041992855564)

* #BAUniC-Prime-Pyramid - Funds management for prizes for the competition (baunic.blogspot.com/2017/02/baunic-prime-pyramid.html)

* #BAUniC:Enthusiasm - Accumulated optimism from various sources (baunic.blogspot.com/2016/09/baunicenthusiasm.html)

* A.I. joins the race towards the #FractalUniverse, 2-truths-1-dare-style (https://www.minds.com/blog/view/694687119309807624)

* 2 Theories of Everything, work in progress (http://baunic-movie.blogspot.com/2017/01/pes-tiles-v00420170121.html - - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgEtFvuo5Nw)